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Protect Yourself from RF Radiation – Wireless Radiation Safety Data

Since 1998, RF SAFE® has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industry’s safety standards by engaging in the design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

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RF Safe is a company that’s on a mission to protect our health from the potential dangers of RF radiation. With a range of innovative products designed to reduce the amount of RF radiation we’re exposed to, RF Safe is leading the way in safeguarding our health and well-being. Our flagship product, the QuantaCase™ Phone Radiation Shield, is a revolutionary phone case that deflects RF radiation, including 5G frequencies, away from your head and body. Made with conductive shielding fabrics and RFID-blocking technology, the QuantaCase™ not only reduces your exposure to RF radiation and protects your phone from damage. It’s a stylish, convenient, and essential accessory for anyone who wants to stay safe in the digital age. So, whether you’re a frequent phone user or want extra precautions, RF Safe has the information and products to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Why Smartphone Radiation Safety?

Research has proven another way how cell phone radiation damages DNA in a two-stage process involving ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). DNA damage was previously shown by Dr. Henry Lai with proof of DNA single and double-strand breaks at levels below currently accepted safe FCC exposure levels. However, one of these mechanisms wasn’t discovered until recently.

In addition, current knowledge includes what cell types, notably Schwann and Glial cells, are highly susceptible to microwave radiation. Glial cells are closely related to Schwann cells, but why Schwann and Glial cells appear to be targets of cell phone radiation is unclear. Microwave effects on glial cells correlate with increased highly aggressive glioblastoma brain tumors.

This type of brain tumor killed Joe Biden’s honorable son Joseph (Beau) Biden III (46)when he died of a glioblastoma brain tumor on May 30th, 2015. Meanwhile, microwave effects on Schwann cells correlate with schwannomas; however, because the phone is closer to the ear than the heart translates into increases in acoustic neuromas, which had also seen huge gains over prior decades before cell phones became popular.

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The most recent studies have shown us that the debate about cell phone radiation being hazardous or not is finally over. Therefore, it is time to create a cell phone radiation policy to address these issues, as bio-effects have been observed for decades in peer-reviewed studies.

Therefore, governments of every country need to create legislation limiting cell phone radiation. Furthermore, governments must demand mandates to reduce radiation levels by forcing cell phone manufacturers and service providers to use different antenna technologies and wavelengths/frequencies than those used today for next-generation broadband wireless data transmission.

We are a passionate team.

For The Truth

Once you have considered that EVERY SINGLE, one of the world’s most significant studies has concluded Smartphones sold as “safe” under current FCC’s SAR regulatory guidelines” — may not provide any degree of safety whatsoever!

The InterphoneHardellCERENAT, and the more recently concluded U.S Government studies have all pointed towards a common risk of increased brain cancer! For example, the 25 million dollar study by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) announced that male rats exposed to cell phone radiation over two years developed higher cancer rates. The NTP study is the world’s longest planned and carefully done cell phone cancer study to date.

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Analyzing RF Radiation Exposure

RF SAFE® is a world-leading provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and wireless informational safety data under real-world conditions that challenge current SAR guidelines.

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Our Future, The Truth

As it stands today, it’s a jungle out there. The dividing line between truthfiction, what will protect you, and what won’t (1),(2) has never been less clearly defined. Since the advent of the digital information explosion, the sea of information has been growing at a pace that few can follow. However, to be responsible and seek the truth, we must persevere for the sake of our children today and future generations whose lives may depend on it. RF Safe is dedicated to the truth and providing ONLY the best RF safety solutions.

RF Safe has a focus that supports forward progress of the wireless industry and governmental agencies in standardization for safer cell phones with a goal of accelerating the pace that cell phone users are properly informed and able to attain safer wireless technologies “at the point of sale”.


Light Years Ahead Of Microwave Networks

Intrinsically today’s wireless technologies pose a significant health concern because of outdated antenna technology and wavelengths that allow for excess RF exposure, combined with the adoption of ever-changing microwave frequency modulations that are completely untested for biological health effects as each generation wireless network surpasses the next.

It only requires a little research to clarify why RF SAFE® offer’s several of the best ways to reduce cell phone radiation for most wireless usage scenarios, proving the need to accelerate the innovation rate of wireless technology not reliant on the microwave spectrum by transitioning into the THz realm of light.

LiiF LiFi patent-pending human safe communications paired with Far UV pandemic countermeasure technology

In addition to the QuantaCase™, RF Safe offers a wide range of other protective gear and accessories designed to keep you safe from RF radiation. Whether you’re looking for RF-blocking sleeves or RF-blocking air-tube headsets, RF Safe has you covered. These products are all made with the same level of care and attention to detail as the QuantaCase™, so you can trust that they will provide you with the protection you need.

But RF Safe doesn’t just stop at providing you with the necessary protective gear and accessories. The company is also dedicated to educating the public about the potential dangers of RF radiation and how to stay safe. RF Safe offers a wealth of online information, including articles, videos, and research studies, that can help you understand the issue and make informed decisions about protecting yourself.

In today’s digital age, we’re constantly surrounded by electronic devices that emit RF radiation. While these devices have made our lives more convenient, they also have various potential health risks. But with RF Safe, you don’t have to choose between convenience and safety. With RF Safe protective gear and accessories, you can have the best of both worlds. So, don’t wait any longer. Protect yourself and your loved ones with RF Safe today.


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