Why the QuantaCase is the Thinnest Folio Case on the Market

When it comes to protecting yourself from cell phone radiation, not all cases are created equal. Many people think that thicker, more rugged cases provide better protection, but the reality is quite different. In fact, the materials and design of a phone case can significantly impact the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) — the rate at which your body absorbs RF energy from your phone.

The Problem with High-Impact Cases

High-impact cases made from dense materials like carbon fiber, while offering excellent physical protection, can actually increase your phone’s radiation output. This happens because these materials interfere with the phone’s antenna, forcing the device to work harder to maintain a connection. This increased effort translates to higher radiation emissions.

The chart below, sourced from EWG.org, illustrates how different cases can affect SAR levels:

Phone Case Measured SAR (W/kg) % SAR Increase Compared to No Case
iPhone 4, No Case 0.7
iPhone 4, Case-Mate Barely There 0.86 20%
iPhone 4, Speck Candy Shell Case 1.06 50%
iPhone 4, Otterbox Impact Case 1.2 70%

Alarmingly, certain popular cell phone cases can raise a phone’s SAR by up to 70%, even without metallic parts. These increases are due to the materials and design of the cases, which can obstruct the phone’s antenna and cause it to emit more radiation.

Your Cell Phone Case CAN Increase Your Radiation Risk. Claims Dr. Oz, EWG, and RF Safe!

In a compelling episode aired on May 7, 2024, Dr. Oz delves into a topic of growing concern: the potential health risks posed by cell phone radiation and the effectiveness of various cell phone cases in mitigating these risks. Titled “Does Your Cell Phone Case Increase Your Radiation Risk?”, the episode provides critical insights that every cell phone user should be aware of.  We summarize the key points and findings from this episode, which you can watch in full here

FCC’s Lack of Action on Case Testing

Despite these findings, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has not updated its guidelines to include the effects of phone cases, leaving a critical gap in consumer safety.

EWG’s Recommendations and Consumer Tips

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) suggests updating FCC testing procedures to include cases and offers tips for reducing exposure, such as using headsets and keeping phones away from the body.

Why the QuantaCase is Different

Ultra-Thin Design: The QuantaCase is the thinnest anti-radiation case available, purposefully designed to minimize radiation exposure. By ensuring the case is ultra-thin, the QuantaCase prevents the phone from increasing its output power to maintain a connection, which can lead to more radiation. This design ensures optimal signal strength while minimizing radiation exposure.

Non-Metallic Construction: Unlike other cases that include metal loops or magnetic inserts, the QuantaCase avoids these materials entirely. Metal components can alter radiation patterns and interfere with the phone’s antenna, increasing radiation output. The QuantaCase’s design eliminates these risks.

Shielded Speaker Holes: The QuantaCase features shielded speaker holes, providing a solid barrier against high-frequency radiation, especially in the 5G spectrum. This is a crucial feature that many other cases lack.

Single RFID-Blocking Slot: The QuantaCase includes a single RFID-blocking slot, optimizing alignment and ease of use. This design discourages the use of the case as a wallet, which can hinder proper use of the radiation shielding during texting or speakerphone use.

Comprehensive Protection: With 25 years of RF Safe design experience, the QuantaCase offers scientifically informed, practical, and effective radiation protection. It’s more than just a case; it’s a comprehensive safety accessory designed to protect your health.


Choosing the right cell phone case is not just about physical protection; it’s about safeguarding your health from increased radiation exposure. The RF Safe QuantaCase stands out as the best option for those concerned about radiation exposure, offering a meticulously designed, ultra-thin case that ensures optimal protection without compromising on usability.

Stay informed, stay protected, and choose the QuantaCase — because your health is worth the investment.

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