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What is the QuantaCase?

The QuantaCase is a high-quality, ultra-thin smartphone case designed to reduce your exposure to smartphone radiation. It’s made with a combination of materials that work together to deflect line-of-sight radiation away from your body. This helps reduce the amount of radiation you’re exposed to, protecting you from potential health effects.

How To Use QuantaCase To Minimize RF Radiation Exposure:

  1. When using the phone at the ear: Always close the front flip cover and use the speakerphone when privacy is not a concern. It is always suggested to keep a distance as much as possible.
  2. When texting: Simply fold the cover to the back of the phone.
  3. When carrying the phone in a pocket: Keep the front cover facing the body; it is preferred to carry it in the back pocket.
  4. When carrying the phone in a purse: Keep the front cover towards the user.

These recommendations are based on the idea that the front shielded part of the phone should always face the closest part of your body to deflect the radiation away from your body and to avoid blocking the antenna, which can cause the phone to increase output power and increase radiation emission.

The Unique Features of QuantaCase

The QuantaCase is not just any ordinary smartphone case. It’s a multi-functional device that combines radiation protection, RFID-blocking, and a magnetic side latch, all in one sleek and slim design. This is the ultimate smartphone accessory for anyone who values their health and wants to protect themselves from the potential hazards of smartphone radiation.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Case

Biological Effects From Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) 30 Years of Research

A study of over 2,500 studies spanning 30 years says….

Much like the belief in a flat earth, the thermal-only view of RFR has become increasingly untenable. Recent advances in medical science, particularly in cancer treatment, have leveraged the non-thermal effects of RFR to remarkable success. Treatments such as TheraBionic, which utilize specific radio frequencies to target cancer cells, have shown efficacy without relying on thermal mechanisms. These advancements aren’t just marginal improvements; they are paradigm-shifting, demonstrating clear, non-thermal bioeffects of RFR.

Over the past 30 years, research has increasingly challenged the thermal hypothesis regarding electromagnetic fields (EMFs), revealing non-thermal biological effects at low exposure levels. This body of work, including Dr. Henry Lai’s studies, underscores EMFs’ potential to alter cellular processes, gene expression, and cause oxidative stress without significant heating.

With a preponderance of peer-reviewed research as evidence of cumulative risk and individual variability in EMF sensitivity, there’s a pressing need to apply the precautionary principle, reevaluate safety guidelines, and focus research on understanding and mitigating these effects for public health.

The exploration into bioelectric phenomena suggests a promising future for regenerative and therapeutic medicine, emphasizing the need for continued, independent research to navigate this complex landscape, especially with recent cuts in research funding.

This shift in focus could lead to groundbreaking medical treatments by leveraging bioelectric signals for healing, underscoring the urgency of filling the research void left by governmental agencies.

The big problem is people in leadership positions are not letting go of the idea that biological effects from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) occur only through heating, known as the thermal hypothesis, which has been a dominant perspective for a long time. This hypothesis is outdated and suggests that EMFs only cause biological effects if they generate enough heat to raise tissue temperatures significantly.

However, the evidence presented by almost all of the studies done over the last three decades, including those researched below by Dr. Henry Lai, challenges this assumption. These studies demonstrate biological effects at exposure levels well below those causing significant heating. Here’s why this is the case:

  • Non-Thermal Effects: Research has shown that EMFs can cause biological effects even at levels that do not produce a measurable increase in temperature. These effects include alterations in cellular processes, changes in gene expression, oxidative stress, and disruptions in neurological and reproductive systems.
  • Mechanisms of Action: Various proposed mechanisms may explain these non-thermal effects. These include the activation of voltage-gated calcium channels, changes in cellular signaling pathways, alterations in protein conformation and function, and direct interaction with biological molecules such as DNA.
  • Cumulative Effects: While single exposures to low levels of EMFs may not produce noticeable biological effects, repeated or chronic exposure over time could lead to cumulative effects on biological systems. This is particularly concerning given the ubiquity of wireless technologies and the increasing exposure levels experienced by individuals in modern society.
  • Population Variability: It’s essential to recognize that individuals may respond differently to EMF exposure due to factors such as genetics, age, and underlying health conditions. Some people may be more susceptible to the biological effects of EMFs than others.
  • Precautionary Principle: Given the potential health implications and the uncertainty surrounding the long-term effects of EMF exposure, some experts advocate for applying the precautionary principle. This principle suggests taking preventive action in the face of uncertainty to minimize risks, especially when dealing with potentially harmful environmental factors.

In light of these considerations, it’s becoming increasingly clear that EMFs can indeed exert biological effects at exposure levels below those causing thermal effects. Continued research into the mechanisms underlying these effects and their potential health consequences is crucial for developing appropriate safety guidelines and protecting public health.

Why QuantaCase Has a Magnetic Side Latch: The Benefits of Convenience and Radiation Protection

QuantaCase’s magnetic side latch is an innovative feature designed to provide convenience and radiation protection to users. The SAR test confirms that a substantial amount of radiation comes from the side of smartphones, where the side latch is positioned. The magnetic side latch is designed to put conducting and radiation-impeding materials where they can benefit the user the most. The side latch provides several benefits, including convenience, added grip, and radiation protection. It allows for easy one-handed access to the phone, leaves the front of the phone slim and sleek, and provides an added grip to the phone. The two thin magnets in the side latch provide material microwaves can’t travel through, perfectly centered for relief where the phone makes contact with the thumb. The side latch also holds the front cover to the back of the phone when texting, providing a shield between the device and the user’s hand. The side latch is compatible with all types of phones and is one of the slimmest and most protective phone cases available.

Why QuantaCase Doesn’t Have a Carrying Strap: The Risks of Metal Loops and RF Radiation

QuantaCase has made the deliberate decision not to include carrying straps on their phone cases, prioritizing the user’s health and safety over convenience. Metal loops, commonly used to attach carrying straps, can increase the risk of exposure to RF radiation emitted by the phone. These loops can interfere with the phone’s antenna, causing it to work harder and emit more radiation. Anti-radiation phone cases have been introduced as a solution to this issue, but they cannot fully protect the user from RF radiation exposure. QuantaCase’s phone cases feature a fully shielded front cover, and without a carrying strap, are effective at reducing the amount of RF radiation exposure for the user. Metal loops can also cause interference, decrease battery life, and create uncontrollable patterns of radiation exposure to the user. The FAQ section clarifies that QuantaCase does not recommend using a carrying strap with their phone cases as it can pose a significant risk to the user’s health and increase their exposure to RF radiation.

 Why QuantaCase has a Shielded Speaker Hole in Anti-Radiation Phone Cases

QuantaCase recognizes the importance of a fully shielded speaker hole in anti-radiation phone cases to reduce the risk of RF radiation exposure. The speaker hole is a major source of radiation exposure, especially with the introduction of high-frequency technologies such as 5G. A shielded speaker hole helps to block RF radiation, preventing it from reaching the user’s ear, and ensures the effectiveness of the case’s RF shielding. QuantaCase’s shielded speaker hole is small enough to prevent the passage of mmWaves and is made of highly conductive material to effectively block RF radiation. This feature provides several benefits, including protection against harmful radiation, supporting safe smartphone usage, and reducing potential health risks. QuantaCase’s anti-radiation phone cases provide a safe and effective solution to reduce RF radiation exposure.

 Why QuantaCase Non-Detachable Design Cases Are Better For Enhanced RF Safety

RF Safe QuantaCase is the best-designed brand in the market of anti-radiation phone cases. They offer a non-detachable design for enhanced safety and convenience. RF radiation exposure from electronic devices, including smartphones, can lead to potential health risks. QuantaCase’s non-detachable design eliminates the potential for metal loops or magnets to interfere with the phone’s electrical fields and increase RF radiation exposure. Additionally, it is lightweight, easy to use, and allows access to all phone features without the need to remove the case. QuantaCase offers effective RF radiation protection, a stylish design, and compatibility with a wide range of phone models.

Why QuantaCase Focuses on Shielding the Front Cover of the Phone

QuantaCase is a leading brand that offers anti-radiation phone cases to reduce the potential health risks associated with prolonged exposure to RF radiation. The design of QuantaCase prioritizes shielding the front cover of the phone, where the display and touch screen are located, to reduce the amount of RF radiation that is emitted directly toward the user’s head and body. This design choice is based on specific sources of RF radiation exposure and the effectiveness of different types of shielding materials. By focusing on shielding the front cover of the phone, QuantaCase is able to provide several benefits, including reduced RF radiation exposure, lightweight and comfortable design, stylish appearance, durability, and compatibility with a wide range of phone models. QuantaCase is effective at reducing RF radiation exposure, lightweight, and comfortable to use, and durable to protect your phone from damage.

QuantaCase Features:

  • Advanced radiation-deflecting technology: The QuantaCase uses RF Safe® Radiation Shielding Technology to reflect harmful electromagnetic radiation, including 5G frequencies, away from the user, providing top-of-the-line protection for your device and your health.
  • Sleek and slim design: Unlike other bulky phone cases on the market, the QuantaCase is the thinnest, providing advanced EMR protection without adding unnecessary weight to your pocket or purse.
  • Built-in RFID-blocking wallet: Keep your personal information safe and secure with the QuantaCase’s built-in RFID-blocking wallet feature. Never worry about credit card or ID theft again with this added security feature.
  • Magnetic thumb guard: The QuantaCase includes a magnetic thumb guard to reduce the chances of dropping your phone, giving you added protection and peace of mind.
  • Adjustable angle stand: The QuantaCase doubles as a stand, allowing for easy viewing of videos and browsing the web. No need for additional equipment with this convenient feature.
  • Multi-functional device: The QuantaCase combines radiation protection, RFID-blocking, and a magnetic thumb guard all in one sleek and slim design, making it the ultimate phone accessory for anyone who values their health and wants to protect themselves from the potential hazards of smartphone radiation.
  • Easy to use: Simply slide your phone into the QuantaCase and close the magnetic latch. Make sure the front shielded part of the case is facing your body at all times. Use the built-in RFID-blocking wallet to securely store your credit cards or IDs. When watching videos or browsing the web, use the adjustable angle stand for the perfect viewing angle.
  • Join the satisfied customers: Don’t wait – get your QuantaCase now and join the satisfied customers who have already made the switch to safety first. Trust us; you won’t regret it.
  • Perfect for anyone who values their health: The QuantaCase is the perfect choice for those who want the best protection for their phone while still maintaining a sleek and slim design. Its built-in credit card slot and RFID blocking technology make it a convenient and secure choice for carrying your phone and personal information.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones: Don’t take any chances with your health. Protect yourself and your loved ones with the advanced radiation-deflecting technology of the QuantaCase. It is a practical and convenient solution that can help reduce your exposure to smartphone radiation without sacrificing the convenience of having your phone with you at all times.

The Legacy of RF Safe and John Coates

QuantaCase is the only RF Safe-approved case, based on a quarter of a century of design experience. This follows the open-source design principles set forth by RF Safe’s founder, John Coates, in the 1990s. These principles remain the most thorough guidelines for reducing smartphone radiation exposure ever established, proving effective to this day when followed meticulously.

Fundamental Principles of Cell Phone Radiation Protection:

  1. Distance: Keep as much distance between the smartphone and your body as possible.
  2. Shielding: Use materials that block or deflect radiation away from the body.
  3. Minimizing Use: Limit the duration and frequency of smartphone use.
  4. Antenna Positioning: Avoid blocking the antenna to prevent increased radiation emission.
  5. Shield Size: The shielding must be larger than the surface area of the radiating element (the entire phone) to provide optimal shielding between the user and the device.

By following these principles, QuantaCase ensures the highest level of protection for users against the potential hazards of smartphone radiation.

Unveiling the Hidden Risks of Electromagnetic Fields

In an age where wireless technology dominates our daily lives, the pervasive presence of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) has become an unavoidable reality. From smartphones to Wi-Fi routers, we are constantly bathed in a sea of electromagnetic radiation. However, what if I told you that this invisible force might be silently wreaking havoc on our bodies, far beyond what was previously believed?

The Shocking Truth Unveiled: Recent scientific findings have shattered the long-held notion that the only potential harm from EMFs arises through thermal effects, where exposure leads to tissue heating. Instead, a growing body of evidence points to a more sinister reality: EMFs can induce biological effects at levels well below those capable of causing significant heating. In other words, the danger lies not just in the heat generated by these fields, but in their inherent ability to disrupt the delicate balance of our biological systems.

The Unseen Threat: Studies conducted by esteemed researchers, including Dr. Henry Lai, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, have revealed alarming trends. They’ve found that exposure to radiofrequency radiation (RFR) and extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields can trigger a cascade of adverse biological effects, ranging from oxidative stress and DNA damage to disruptions in neurological and reproductive functions.

Facts That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Over 89% of RFR oxidative effects studies since 1997 reported significant effects, even at exposures below current safety limits.
  • 70% of RFR genetic effects studies documented significant impacts on gene expression.
  • A staggering 91% of ELF/static EMF oxidative effects studies reported significant effects since 1990.

These findings defy the conventional wisdom that EMFs pose no threat unless they generate heat, revealing a truth too unsettling to ignore.

Beyond the Numbers: The implications of these findings extend far beyond mere statistics. They challenge the very foundation upon which our understanding of EMF safety rests. No longer can we afford to dismiss concerns about EMF exposure as mere speculation or paranoia. The evidence speaks for itself, painting a chilling picture of the unseen dangers lurking in our midst.


As we stand on the precipice of an increasingly wireless world, the need for awareness and action has never been more urgent. The time has come to confront the uncomfortable truth about the risks posed by electromagnetic fields. Ignoring these warnings would be a grave disservice to public health and wellbeing. It’s time to shine a light on the invisible danger and take decisive steps to protect ourselves and future generations from its insidious effects through understanding the effects of EMFs on bioelectricity.

Ready For The Research? The Truth Is Here! The collection of EMF studies contains about 2,500 research papers. The abstracts for these studies can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

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