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1 in 12 Lab Rats!

While this cancer probability is specific to rats, it is important to note that there has never been a study in the history of scientific research that has shown 1 in 12 rats developing cancer from exposure to a substance or agent that was subsequently proven to be safe for humans. Be RF Safe!

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At RF Safe, we ardently champion the march of technological progress, yet we stand resolute against the embrace of innovations that imperil our health and the sanctity of all biological life.

It is critical to understand the physics of the problems first!  For instance, If the physics says a phone case shouldn’t have metal loops and detachable magnets because the phone’s software responds by increasing power when obstructed, then it shouldn’t have them. The design of QuantaCase is guided by what is harmful or not, not by what sells best. At RF Safe we stick to the laws of physics, even if it limits our appeal because we refuse to compromise your safety.

RF Safe is your premier resource for navigating the complex world of EMF hazards and safety. We understand that it can be overwhelming to find reliable information on this topic, which is why we’re here to help. With over 25 years of experience in RFR mitigation technologies, our experts are ready to provide you with clear, trustworthy, and unbiased advice. No strings attached, no purchase necessary. You can reach the founder of RF Safe directly by calling or texting 727-610-1188

There is a significant body of research indicating potential health risks associated with cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation. This includes major studies like the Interphone study, Hardell group studies, CERENAT study, U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), Ramazzini Institute Study, REFLEX Project, BioInitiative Report, and the work of researchers like Dr. Henry Lai. These studies collectively point towards an increased health risk from cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation and suggest the need for caution in dismissing potential risks.

Additionally, advancements in RF radiation research show biological interactions beyond thermal effects. For example, the FDA-approved TheraBionic treatment, which employs RF radiation at power levels up to 1000 times lower than those emitted by cell phones, effectively treats inoperable liver cancer through non-thermal interactions at the cellular or molecular level. This includes resonance effects, disruption of cellular signaling, and potential modulation of the immune system. This challenges the traditional view that non-ionizing cell phone radiation is biologically inert except for its heating properties.

Learn more about DARPA’s RadioBio initiative and FDA-approved treatments that challenge the traditional paradigm by demonstrating that non-ionizing wireless radiation, including 5G networks can have profound biological effects without necessarily causing a significant increase in temperature

QuantaCase stands out in the crowded market of anti-radiation phone cases because it is designed by RF Safe’s founder using RF Safe’s open source design principles and commitment to reducing radiation exposure. What sets our product apart from the competition is its exceptional thinness and avoidance of components that increase susepitability to uncontrolled radiation exposure.

Our case is the thinnest in the anti-radiation category, ensuring that users can protect themselves from harmful radiation without compromising the sleek aesthetics of their smartphones. Unlike many competitors, QuantaCase is not detachable or equipped with metal loops and magnets, which are often used in other cases to attach accessories.

We purposefully avoid these features to minimize radiation exposure to the user. By maintaining a seamless, non-detachable design, we prioritize safety and convenience, making QuantaCase the ideal choice for those seeking effective protection against radiation while enjoying a slim and stylish phone case.

Phone SARRadiation LevelsDatabase
RFR NewsRFR EffectsStay Up-to-date
Reducing RFR RadiationRF Shielded CasesVideo Test

Why RF Safe?

Since 1998, RF SAFE® has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industry’s safety standards by engaging in the design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. 

At RF Safe, we go beyond just being known for designing the world’s most effective wireless safety innovations. Our main focus is educating the public about the potential dangers of RF radiation and how to protect yourself. We offer a variety of online resources such as articles, videos, and research studies to help you understand the issue and make informed decisions about RF safety. In the digital age, we’re constantly exposed to electronic devices that emit RF radiation, which can be harmful. RF Safe is here to help you strike a balance between convenience and safety so you don’t have to choose between the two. Don’t wait, educate yourself and your loved ones with RF Safe.

Smart ideas

RF Safe® microwave radiation shielding material is integrated into the front flap of the outer case to deflect radiation (5G, Wi-Fi, EMF, etc.) away from your body while still allowing the signal to enter and exit the back of the phone unimpeded.

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Our customer support is second to none – users rave about how we don’t rest until every issue is solved to their satisfaction.

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What our customers say

As a mom of 2 kids, sister of a brother who passed from brain cancer, and a holistic health coach specializing in epigenetics, I place a lot of focus on reducing EMF – especially RF in our lives. I had always thought 5G was worse for our health than 3G or 4G and therefore have been avoiding it as much as possible. It wasn’t until RFSafe put out the SARs data that I saw how my older SE 2nd gen phone was actually more harmful than a new IPhone 15. Then when I spoke with the owner of RFsafe, he explained how 5G actually has a lower penetration level into our cells and therefore isn’t as dangerous as the older versions. It turned everything I once thought on its head but was also empowering and made sense. I’m grateful for his research on this confusing topic.

Sharon R

I originally bought this case to save it from some minor falls and to save me from the radiation.

I was taking my motorcycle for a nice relaxing ride on Saturday morning when my rear tire hit a patch of dirt on a turn and ended up on the ground and having to be sent to the hospital.

I’m happy to say that thanks to being prepared by wear all my safety gear, having some great luck that the first person there was an of duty EMT, and quite frankly being blessed, that I am here today.

In the case of my phone however, the case was dropped and dragged along with me but I am pleased to say that my case did a great job and my phone was able to call my parents and loved ones to let them know I was ok.

Jose McKinney
Jose McKinney Motorcycle Crash RF Safe Case

Highly recommend business with RFSafe. I texted the support number listed on the website to inquire about a phone case and was surprised to get a response from the founder himself. He went above and beyond to ensure I received the phone case I wanted, and was both personable and professional. Using phone and text response options, RFSafe has been phenomenal at meeting my needs as a consumer. As for the quality of the phone case, I have been using the QuantaCase now for a month and am pleased with my purchase. EMF protection, light weight, and stylish material make this case a great choice.

Daniel H

Radiation Protection

At RF Safe, we take a comprehensive approach to cell phone radiation protection, which involves implementing a range of measures and precautions, including the use of protective cases, air-tube headsets, and education about safe cell phone use. Our approach is based on scientific research and understanding, and we believe it is the most effective way to protect against the potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure. RF Safe, will always prioritize your safety and well-being through informed and responsible cell phone use, and accessories proven to reduce excessive RFR exposure.


The Debate Is Over!

The most recent studies have shown us that the debate about cell phone radiation being hazardous or not is finally over. Therefore, it is time to create a cell phone radiation policy to address these issues, as bio-effects have been observed for decades in peer-reviewed studies.

Therefore, governments of every country need to create legislation that will limit cell phone radiation. Furthermore, governments must demand mandates to reduce radiation levels by forcing cell phone manufacturers and service providers to use different antenna technologies and wavelengths/frequencies than the existing ones used today for next-generation broadband wireless data transmission.

As it stands today, it’s a jungle out there. The dividing line between truthfiction, what will protect you, and what won’t (1),(2) has never been less clearly defined. Since the advent of the digital information explosion, the sea of information has been growing at a pace that few can follow. However, if we are to be responsible and seek the truth, we must persevere for the sake of our children today and future generations whose lives may depend on it. RF Safe is dedicated to the truth and providing ONLY the best RF safety solutions.

Quanta X Technology (QXT) Brands

QXT is a technology holding company focused of photon management spanning several industry sectors. Popular brands like RF Safe®, and QuantaCase™ are brands belonging to QXT, an awarded (WOSB) woman-owned small business firm specializing in controlling electromagnetic fields. QXT photon management solutions include UVGI, Patented UVGI-Fi, Li-Fi, EMR shielding, smart ultraviolet wavelength security analytes, self-powered ultraviolet wavelength detection (QuantaDose®), telecommunications, electronics accessories, and professional support services for Far-UV (QuantaGuard) engineering and manufacturing.

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