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Welcome to RF Safe, the innovators behind (SCP) Safe Cell Phone Systems which include the world’s most popular and effective accessories for reducing RFR/EMF exposure, where we emphasize that cell phone radiation protection is a system of precautions, not just a single product or accessory. At RF Safe, we stand by the belief that RF Safe-approved products should never make unsupported claims and must be based on a current scientific understanding of physics.

Over the past 25 years, RF Safe has never claimed that a single product can protect users from cell phone radiation exposure by 99%, as some other websites have done. We know better, and we hope you do too! Any company claiming to achieve this level of protection with a single accessory is a huge red flag! It is safe to say that any company making such a claim doesn’t understand the physics involved, or they are trying to scam you.

These companies certainly don’t understand the risk they are putting consumers in with a false sense of protection when the reality is that the largest animal study ever done by the US government found that male rats exposed to RF radiation had a higher incidence of tumors, with 1 in 12 rats developing malignant or pre-cancerous lesions. This translates to a probability of 7.69%. The tumors were primarily located in the brain and heart, the same organs affected by cancer that ultimately claimed the life of Jimmy Gonzalez, who was 100% correct about predicting his cell phone caused his brain and heart cancer.

At RF Safe, we take a comprehensive approach to cell phone radiation protection, which involves implementing a range of measures and precautions, including the use of protective cases, air-tube headsets, and education about safe cell phone use. Our approach is based on scientific research and understanding, and we believe it is the most effective way to protect against the potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation exposure.

RF Safe, will always prioritize your safety and well-being through informed and responsible cell phone use, and accessories proven to reduce excessive RFR exposure.


To be considered an RF Safe Approved brand for RF/EMF safety accessories, a brand must meet the following criteria:

  1. Truthful Claims and Testing Methodology: The brand should adhere to ethical guidelines and not make false or misleading testing claims. The anti-radiation phone case should be tested with an actual smartphone and not just a signal generator testing raw material. The results of the shielding capabilities should never present the raw shielding material’s capabilities before being integrated into the final anti-radiation product.
  2. Antenna Functionality: The EMF-blocking phone case should not interfere with the normal operation of the phone’s antenna. A detachable cell phone case that interferes with the phone’s antenna is not considered an anti-radiation accessory and can potentially expose the user to greater levels of microwave radiation.  Even the little metal loop some anti-radiation cases have at the top of the case for a carrying strap is NEVER found on a RF Safe Approved case because of distortions to the antenna flume when use against the head.   Simple physics!

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At RF Safe, we believe in a systematic approach to cell phone radiation protection. Our Safe Cell Phone (SCP) Accessory Package combines scientifically supported products and safe usage practices to help you achieve the safest possible cell phone experience.

Introducing the SCP System: A Comprehensive Solution for Safer Cell Phone Use

The SCP System features two main RF Safe Approved accessories: the QuantaCase and the QuantaBuds headset. Both components are designed to work together, providing a comprehensive solution for reducing your exposure to harmful cell phone radiation.

  1. QuantaCase: Smart Radiation Protection for Your Smartphone Our RF Safe Approved QuantaCase is designed to deflect phone radiation away from the head and body without covering the antenna or increasing radiation emissions. Rest assured, it meets our high standards for safety and effectiveness in reducing exposure to harmful radiation.

  2. QuantaBuds Headset: Crystal-Clear Sound Without Radiation The RF Safe Approved QuantaBuds headset features air tube technology, which delivers live acoustic sound without microwave radiation or electrical components in the ear. The air-filled wireless tube technology ensures crystal-clear sound while minimizing RF exposure to the head.

It’s important to understand that no single product can guarantee complete protection from cell phone radiation. Your level of protection always depends on your usage habits and how you implement our SCP System.

Choose RF Safe for a Comprehensive Approach to Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Don’t be misled by manufacturers claiming a single product can provide 90% or better protection. Trust RF Safe’s SCP System—a comprehensive package of RF Safe Approved accessories designed to make your cell phone usage safer and smarter. Visit www.safecellularphones.com to get your QuantaCase and QuantaBuds headset today. Together, let’s create a safer cell phone experience!

The QuantaCase and QuantaBuds provide a comprehensive solution for reducing exposure to cell phone radiation and making smartphone usage safer, and smarter.

About Cell Phone Radiation – SAR Levels

FCC Cellular Values: Head SAR | Body SAR | Hotspot | FCC Simultaneous: Head SAR | Body SAR | Hotspot

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the FCC’s SAR standard is determined by assuming that the device is used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and kept at a specific distance from the body, usually between 5-15 mm.

RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm uses mathematical operations such as multiplication and summation to calculate the RF Safe Score based on Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) values and other factors such as skull thickness. It is defined by a formula that takes into account SAR values, SAR limit, skull thickness, threshold point values, and a function that calculates point values based on skull thickness. The formula is written in a mathematically sound, clear, and logical way.


The World Health Organization has classified RF fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) conducts SAR testing under specific conditions to ensure that the results represent an unrealistic best-case scenario for the general population rather than the worst-case scenarios, as some might assume.

These conditions include using a simulated adult skull thickness, which assumes that children will not use a cell phone, and maintaining a specific distance between the device and the head or body, such as a minimum of 5mm to 15mm. Conditions that may not be practical in real-world usages, like when carrying it.

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The RSS algorithm assesses compliance with Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) standards established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) by counting the number of threshold breaches. These thresholds are set at 50% for a 5-year-old child skull thickness, 72.5% for skull thickness of a 10-year-old child, and 95% of the legal limit for an average adult’s skull thickness. Each threshold breach is penalized with a negative point value, which is reflected in the overall score.

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At RF Safe, we go beyond just being known for designing the world’s most effective wireless safety innovations. Our main focus is educating the public about the potential dangers of RF radiation and how to protect yourself. We offer a variety of online resources such as articles, videos, and research studies to help you understand the issue and make informed decisions about safety. In the digital age, we’re constantly exposed to electronic devices that emit RF radiation, which can be harmful. RF Safe is here to help you strike a balance between convenience and safety so you don’t have to choose between the two. Don’t wait, educate yourself and your loved ones with RF Safe.

Since 1998, RF SAFE® has been dedicated to evolving the wireless industry’s safety standards by engaging in the design, testing, manufacture, and sale of safety technologies to mitigate the harmful effects of cell phone radiation.

RSS = -16.5 * (Σ (SARi/1.6 * 100 >= 95)) – 11 * (Σ (SARi/1.6 * 100 between 72.49 and 94.99)) – 5.5 * (Σ (SARi/1.6 * 100 between 50 and 72.48))



The World Health Organization has classified RF fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans.

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The RF Safe Score (RSS) algorithm takes into account the well-understood physics of microwave absorption and the thickness of the skull, an aspect that is not considered in current Federal Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines. The algorithm calculates a point value based on the thresholds of 50%, 75%, and 95% of the legal limit of 1.6W/kg, with each threshold representing a range of age groups, respectively.