RF Safe Code of Ethics for Manufacturers

RF Safe Code of Ethics for Manufacturers

The RF Safe Manufacturing Association (“RSMA” or the “Association”) adopts the following Code of Ethics to promote the highest ethical and moral standards of professional conduct in the wireless industry. Each member of the Association agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics as a condition of membership in RSMA. The Association intends that this Code of Ethics be interpreted and enforced reasonably, fairly, and objectively.


These Principles of Ethics are aspired goals of professional conduct for all members of the Association.

All members of the RF Safe Manufacturing Association and RF Safe Website pledge to aspire to the following:

To adhere to a standard of excellence, as commonly understood in the RF Safety industry, in designing, manufacturing, producing, packaging, promoting, marketing, selling, and distributing.
To maintain and service all accounts efficiently and professionally.
To monitor technological developments to assure availability of the highest quality product and the imposition of the most stringent safety standards within the wireless industry.
To impose strict quality controls throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing process.
To represent and market all products and services fairly and accurately.
To adhere to all relevant product performance, safety, environmental, code, and listing requirements that are required to properly manufacture, sell, market, and distribute products and services in today’s global business environment.
To protect and enhance the environment and the health and safety of their employees, their customers’ employees, consumers, and the general environment through the safe and responsible use and disposal of potentially hazardous substances.
To monitor technologies for reducing energy absorbed into the human body and to strive to implement those that prove to be effective in reducing RF exposure.
To always be guided by a spirit of justice, honor, and fairness within their communities and in all dealings with other members of the wireless safety industry and with associated industries.
Each of these pledges shall be read so as to be consistent with and not conflict with existing legal obligations, including but not limited to, applicable antitrust laws.

These Rules of Ethics provide mandatory and specific standards of minimally acceptable professional conduct for all members of the Association. These Rules of Ethics are enforceable by the Association under the procedures in Section III of this Code, which is provided to members only.

Members of the RF Safe Manufacturing Association shall:

Manufacture, produce, and supply products and services in compliance with applicable industry standards, test specifications and operating procedures as prescribed by the American Society for Testing Materials, the Telecommunications Industry Association, the IEEE, IEC/ISO, other standard-setting organizations recognized generally in the industry and/or local, state, or federal contracting authorities, as applicable.
Maintain realistic distance of separation from body when SAR testing procedures for products and services to ensure that required standards and specifications have been met and are accurately reflected as real world usage.
Assure that all product and promotional information, including statements designed or which can be interpreted to describe the properties or performance of the product, are accurate and are not misleading.
Adhere to the procedures and policies required by third party listing organizations when products require such authorized test certifications and marks.
Comply with all laws and regulations relating to the manufacture and distribution of products, including applicable antitrust, occupational safety and health and environmental laws and regulations and the applicable provisions of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

The Code of Ethics of the RF Safe Manufacturing Association (RFSMA) establishes principles for members of the wireless safety industry. This code requires members of the RF Safety industry to conduct themselves in a way that brings credit to the profession.

In RF Safe’s efforts to achieve the highest level of professionalism
throughout the wireless safety industry, the RF Safe Manufacturing Association (RFMA) has adopted a Code of
business practices for wireless phone safety and aftermarket accessory manufacturers,
the purpose of which is to foster confidence in the safe usage of wireless products
and services:

The company provides a written warranty policy.
All parts are marked and/or labeled to identify the manufacturer.
The company provides installation instructions for all products where appropriate.
All hardware appropriate and required for installation is included with the product.
The company has product liability insurance or demonstrates fiscal responsibility for the same.
The company offers a written returned-goods policy.
The company maintains the availability of replacement parts for appropriate times after production ceases.