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RF Safe Code of Ethics for Manufacturers

Qualified Brands: QuantaCase, RF Safe  The RF Safe Manufacturing Association (“RSMA” or the “Association”) has adopted the following Code of Ethics to promote the highest ethical and moral standards of professional conduct in the wireless industry. Each member of the Association agrees to abide by this Code of Ethics as a condition of membership in […]

Court orders Italian govt to publicize cellphone risks

ROME — A consumers’ group says an Italian tribunal has ordered a public information campaign about the possible health risks of cellular and cordless phones. The Lazio region’s administrative tribunal ruled that Italy’s health, environment, and education ministries must begin the campaign within six months about the phones’ proper use. Consumer advocacy group A.P.P.L.E. had […]


Family Cell Phone Radiation Protection Plan – RF Safe SCP (Safe Cell Phone) System

  New studies prove cell phone radiation can damage DNA at below accepted FCC safety standards confirming link between microwave exposure and potential cancer. RF Safe offers the world’s best solutions for cell phone radiation safety in a system for safe cell phone usage -The SCP (Safe Cell Phone) System. RF Safe’s founder John Coates […]

Cell Phones Don’t Cause Cancer, Says Pulitzer Prize Winning Cancer Doctor – Health Experts Issue Rebuttals in Protest

RF Safe is joined by a growing number of respected doctors and scientists in speaking out to correct recent comments made by Dr.Siddhartha Mukherjee claiming cell phones do not cause cancer. San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 24, 2014 RF SAFE, the world’s premier provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and informational data is concerned […]

92% Sure: Cell Phone Radiation Cancer Potential Found in 76 of 80 Studies Peer Reviewed

BREAKING NEWS 4/20/14 Scientists find cell phone radiation exposure creates cellular imbalances known to cause cancer in 92% of peer reviewed studies on ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). RF Safe suggest precautionary measures to reduce excessive RF exposure even at athermic levels. According to RF Safe, Scientists confirm non-ionizing cell phone radiation and ionizing UV radiation […]


Overpowered: Hazards of Cell Phone EMF Exposure and Reducing Health Risk from Cell Phone Radiation

According to RF Safe, cell phone radiation health hazards are well documented in a new book by Martin Blank, PhD titled, “Overpowered: What Science Tells Us About the Dangers of Cell Phones and Other Wifi-age Devices.” RF Safe suggests enhancing measures of the precautionary approach by utilizing cell phone radiation safety accessories often overlooked by […]

Worried About Cell Phone Radiation Cancer? Flip Cover Shields RF Radiation

New York, NY  April 12, 2014 RF Safe Corporation announces a new proprietary shielding technology designed to combat the potential dangers of cell phone radiation exposure. The new process reduces the thickness of Peel-n-Shield™ to only 1mm for shielding flip cases with small tolerances between flip cover and phone. Radiation shielded foam liners for smartphone […]


Pink Cell Phone Radiation Shields for Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2014 Fundraisers

RF Safe’s pink cell phone radiation shields are great for supporting fundraising events for breast cancer awareness. Doctors say keeping cell phones tucked in bras possibly causes breast cancer in young women. RF Safe claims a research team, led by Dr. Lisa Bailey, and one of California’s top breast surgeons, studied four young women – […]

Don’t ignore the dangers of cell phone radiation – Phone Danger and Health Warnings.

RF Safe calls for consumers to show support for Senate Bill 2571 SD1, requiring cell phone radiation warning labels on smartphones.   Improper use can cause unsafe levels of radiation exposure under FCC guidelines – The fine print warnings the wireless industry doesn’t want consumers to see. John Coates, RF Safe Founder, says “Every now and […]


Peel n Shield™ D-I-Y Cell Phone Radiation Shields

RF Safe, Manufacturer of Peel n Shield™ the only adhesive foam designed to shield cell phone radiation while adding extra protection for expensive wireless devices – Expands product line for do-it-yourself (DIY) cell phone radiation shields.   As the world’s only producer of consumer ready adhesive foam RF shielding materials in colored sheets, RF Safe […]

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