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Consumer Alert: Real Anti-Radiation EMF Blocking Phone Cases Aren’t Detachable

Detachable Safe Sleeve Anti-Radiation EMF Blocking Cases Exposed!   

Overall, when it comes to choosing an anti-radiation phone case, it is essential to prioritize safety and avoid detachable cases that block the phone’s antenna. By conducting thorough research, gathering evidence, and understanding the potential risks, users can make informed decisions about which cases to choose and how to protect themselves from potential health risks associated with cell phone radiation. By using solutions like using a case that does not block the phone’s antenna, limiting cell phone usage, seeking alternative solutions, and using airplane mode, users can reduce their exposure to RF radiation while still using their phones as intended.

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For over two decades, RF Safe has exposed many companies that are potentially putting you in greater danger from wireless radiation, as well as providing both the truth and the facts when educating consumers about wireless hazards from microwave radiation.

I’m going to tell you five easy-to-explain ways that Safesleeve is deceiving you and potentially putting you at much greater risk.

This first deceptive tactic is so rampant among anti-radiation products marketed in the USA that the FCC and FTC have issued warnings about cell phone radiation scams.

Melanie Coates Helping Father John Coates at RF Safe
Melanie Coates helping to expose the truth about phone radiation scams with father John Coates

Two companies in the USA have been prosecuted for perpetrating cellphone radiation scams after Good Housekeeping Magazine interviewed RF Safe’s founder, John Coates, about the false security many companies were selling as radiation protection.

As a result of the investigative report, the FTC took legal action and posted public warnings about cell phone radiation scams.

On the FTC’s website page titled “Cell Phone Radiation scams,” it explicitly states that “…shields may interfere with the phone’s signal, cause it to draw even more power to communicate with the base station, and possibly emit more radiation.”

The Safesleeve case design ranks poorly because it incorporates a large piece of metal in the back of the models sold as detachable cases. This metal plate, along with magnets, interferes with the phone’s antenna and operational output power. Due to this anti-radiation design flaw, Safesleeve is putting users at far greater risk of exposure to abnormally high levels of cell phone radiation. As a result, Safesleeve violates several fundamental design considerations of any anti-radiation case. 

Safesleeve appears not to understand the science behind how a cell phone works, which seems obvious, as their design matches the FTC’s description of a scam.

“The key to reducing exposure to potentially harmful electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone is to ensure that the phone’s antenna operates freely and without interference. When a phone case blocks or obstructs the antenna, the phone must work harder to transmit a signal, leading to higher levels of electromagnetic radiation emissions. This not only drains the battery faster but also exposes the user to potentially dangerous levels of radiation. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a phone case that prioritizes safety and does not interfere with the phone’s signal. By doing so, you can ensure that your phone operates at its lowest possible output level, reducing radiation emissions and protecting your health.”


Safesleeve is selling consumers a perilous anti-radiation case that blocks the phone’s antenna with a metal plate so that they can sell additional phone accessories that attach to a magnet without any regard for consumers’ safety from radiation!


That’s the first way you’re being deceived by Safesleeve poorly designed cases that are advertised as keeping you safe from RF radiation but are potentially exposing you to even more significant amounts of radiation from your phone by interfering with the phone’s antenna.

Now, let’s look at the second way that Safesleeve is deceiving you:

The RF shielding technology inside the Safesleeve anti-radiation cases is not FCC tested in their products as they would lead you to believe.

Station KPIX 5 in San Francisco aired an investigative report showing that Safesleeve’s FCC certified lab testing does not include testing their cases with an actual cell phone inside the case. It’s imperative to understand that the only thing Safesleeve has ever had FCC lab-tested is its “radiation shielding material,” which is not inside a Safesleeve case when tested, according to the KPIX 5 report.

This means Safesleeve tests the material used in their cases but is not testing the case itself once the material is inside it.

This is where consumers are gravely misled. Safesleeve’s advertising is very deceptive in that it gives people the impression Safesleeve’s cases are FCC-certified lab tested.


This type of deception puts people at greater risk because it gives them a false sense of security from an untested product.

The news report stated that the raw shielding material, and not the Safesleeve case, is tested with a “controlled signal generator,” which functions nothing at all like a cell phone. In the real world, cell phone radiation fluctuates along with the cellphone’s signal and power, so using the controlled signal generator yields results that are nothing like the results they would get from an actual cell phone.

The FCC-certified lab testing Safesleeve claims in their marketing is not similar to the cell phone radiation test required by FCC-certified labs for phone radiation compliance.

Image result for trefoil symbol

The KPIX report also clearly shows that Safe Sleeve uses the trefoil symbol on their product, packaging, and advertising, which is a blatant scare tactic and an outright misuse of an international warning symbol.

Safesleeve resorts to fear-mongering and scare tactics to sell their cases by showing the trefoil symbol referring to non-ionizing cell phone radiation. This is outrageously deceptive!

Shame on Safesleeve for watering down an international warning symbol that was designed to designate the presence of very deadly ionizing radiation specifically.

While I don’t feel there is a distinct dividing line between the potential health effects of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, as both are biologically hazardous, there is a vast difference between exposure to something that can be fatal within hours (ionizing radiation) and something that can take decades (non-ionizing cellphone radiation).

Globally, people depend on this international trefoil symbol to warn when language barriers could interfere with their safety when within proximity to harmful ionizing radiation.

Cell phones emit non-ionizing radiation, and to misuse, the trefoil symbol for ionizing radiation in an attempt to scare people into equating non-ionizing cell phone radiation with very deadly ionizing radiation to get them to purchase Safe Sleeve’s products is morally and ethically wrong.

The trefoil symbol warns people when they’re in the general vicinity of potentially deadly ionizing radiation. Safe Sleeve, this goes beyond deception here – it’s immoral to water down this international warning symbol in your quest for profit!

Now let’s move on to the 4th deceptive practice Safe Sleeve uses; misleading testing videos!

In an unfathomable attempt to blatantly deceive consumers with a deceptive sleight-of-hand video, Safe Sleeve tests their case using a modified tri-field meter that can be set to measure three distantly different fields of radiation- electric E fields, magnetic B fields, and microwave RF Fields. The latter is microwave radiation, which is the primary type of radiation your cell phone emits. Still, they never place the meter they’re using on the microwave setting, which is the whole point of testing their case in the first place.

Instead, Safe Sleeve sets their meter to measure relatively benign electric, and then magnetic, fields which are entirely unrelated to the health effects attributed to microwave radiation exposure, so they end up never actually demonstrating the effectiveness of their case in blocking the most dangerous radiation they claim to be protecting you from.

It only takes a few internet searches to find disappointed Safesleeve customers that own the same tri-field meter whose meters show no RF “microwave” radiation reduction at all, and some even notice RF increases.

This is simply because the video demo Safesleeve posted online never shows them testing what would be considered the obvious and potentially most dangerous radiant energy – RF/Microwave Radiation.

Finally, here is the fifth-way Safesleeve is deceiving you:

By offering you shielded products where shielding is pointless. I’m talking about their tablet and laptop cases. Rf Safe was the first company to make laptop radiation shields back when laptops were connected to the internet by cables instead of being wireless. We ceased making them 20 years ago when the main form of connection switched to being wireless, which had the unfortunate result of locating the transmitter too close to the body. As a result, we knew that the shielding would no longer be effective. But this doesn’t stop companies like Safesleeve from continuing to claim that using their shielding products for your laptop or tablet will keep you safe.

Since tablets and laptops emit RF radiation, protecting just the back of a tablet or the laptop’s bottom is an exercise in futility. Calling it a laptop is a lousy way to refer to these types of computers, as they should never be placed in your lap! These devices are not just emitting radiation from the back or bottom; they’re emitting it from the front and sides as well. For example, if you’re using your computer with the shielding on the bottom and are holding it on your lap, you’re certainly providing excellent protection to your femur bone. However, your groin and the rest of your torso are still fully exposed. This is of particular concern if you are a pregnant mother since the shielding is doing nothing to protect your unborn baby, let alone your internal organs, and who knows in what direction the radiation reflected from the bottom is heading?

So when it comes down to using your tablet or laptop with a Safesleeve case, the only thing you’re getting out of it is a false sense of security.

Now I’ve shown you the five different ways that Safesleeve is misleading you into buying their products.

So much help is needed globally to protect people from the effects of wireless radiation. This is why all products marketed as being anti-radiation need to be certified as RF Safe for consumer use – meaning that guidelines must be followed, and federal regulators need to get involved. Governments worldwide need to act quickly to protect their citizens from companies preying on people’s fears and very outdated safety regulations imposed on the industry.

Also, I’d like to remind you that many reputable companies and organizations promoting RF Safety are not out to scam you. For example, KPIX news reporter Julie Watts requested that RF Safe provide a case for their investigation into wireless radiation protection. The results reported by KPIX 5 showed that RF Safe’s case reduced radiation exposure by up to 90%.

RF safe has never claimed that our cases block a specific percentage of radiation because we put focus on the truth about RF Safety, while adequately constructed and tested RF safety accessories are beneficial at reducing excessive radiation – it’s much more about changing one’s lifestyle to avoid excessive exposure much more so than relying on any single accessory to protect you and your loved ones.

SafeSleeve claims on its site that its “radiation-shielding technology” blocks up to 99% of RF radiation. However, this applies only to the shielding material it uses in its cases, only under specific laboratory conditions. They have never tested their cases once the material has been installed in them.

The truth is no anti-radiation case on the market makes you 99% safer from Smartphone radiation exposure.  Any company claiming 99% is lying to you!  Even the world’s best anti-radiation cases, made by RF Safe, should never be used to replace the simple factor of distance, such as can be achieved by using a speakerphone or placing the phone on a table rather than in a pocket.  Distance is always critical! Distance is your most significant friend when protecting yourself from RF exposure. Any rubbish claims of blocking 99% of harmful radiation put phone users at greater risk because the distance from the source is likely reduced with a false sense of protection marketed as blocking 99%.

It’s great to see news agencies and independent tests confirming RF safe cases are an extremely effective solution to reduce excessive cell phone radiation exposure.

KPIX 5 was also quick to notice that RF Safe was the only company to explicitly state on the packaging itself that the case should only be used with the front cover closed to prevent excessive radiation exposure.

RF Safe has always been committed to ensuring you get the highest level of protection. Our packaging reflects this commitment by including easy-to-understand usage instructions that are visible to ensure maximum RF safety.

After the news report, KPIX 5 mentioned that RF Safe did not respond to their request for comment. I want to take a moment to point out that our company is located along Florida’s gulf coast. When KPIX 5 contacted us to request a comment, we were not available to take their call because hurricane Irma was bearing down on us at the time. We had already evacuated and spent over a week without power. It literately takes an act of God for us to miss an opportunity to answer questions related to the public’s exposure to RF Radiation and how to lessen the potential for adverse health effects.

RF Safe has always maintained that it is a lifestyle change involving a system of safer usage that is the key to avoiding excessive cell phone radiation. The reason for this is because a protective case by itself will never protect you as effectively as using a system of safe cell phone usage – I’ll be posting a video on RF Safe’s Safe Cell Phone ( SCP) System soon, searching RF safe archives is another way of learning about RF Safe’s SCP System as we have always preached the same system over the last 20 years for unbeatable precautionary measures.

The founders of Safesleeve should reconsider their business tactics because deceptive trade practices in their state are dealt with under California Business and Professions Code § 17500 et seq.  Sections 17500, 17500.5, and 17505 prohibit false advertisements.  Pursuant to Section 17500, violation by false advertising is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars ($2,500), or by both.

Under Section 17535, an Attorney General or any district attorney, county counsel, city attorney, or city prosecutor in California may bring an action upon their complaint or upon the complaint of any board, officer, person, corporation or association or by any person, injured or damaged as a result of the violation of this Chapter.

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