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Consumer Alert: These Cell Phone Cases Increase Radiation

Safesleeve’s case and DefenderShield’s case, combined with both company’s lust for profits is driving an arrogant culture that endangers lives just to sell added accessories that attach to their cases. Safesleeves/ DefenderShield’s detachable anti-radiation case is a very dangerous phone case design that WILL interfere with the antenna due to conductive material being used inside […]

Safesleeve Case Misleads Consumers For Years Until Exposed By California News Channel Review of Safesleeve Scam


Safe Sleeve Exposed!    5G Update: Anti-radiation Phone Cases w/Unshielded Speaker Hole – To Shield or Not to Shield? 5G Matters! For over two decades, RF Safe has exposed many companies that are potentially putting you in greater danger from wireless radiation, as well as providing both the truth and the facts when educating consumers […]