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MOTHERS Pregnancy Stage and Fetal Position Affects Baby’s Radiation Exposure

On August 7 2014, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine published a study done jointly by the  Institut Mines-Telecom and Orange, France.  The study gives insight into theoretically flawed standards indicating acceptable thermal absorption levels on a human fetus using microwave radiation at 2100 MHz  — a frequency band commonly used in consumer wireless devices. […]

Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women

Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women PREGNANT women who use mobile phones could be damaging their unborn babies, according to scientific research to be published later this year. Scientists are aware that cell phones emit microwaves that can raise the temperature of the human brain. But the research, by French scientists at the University of […]

Health Effects from Cell Phones and other Wireless Devices Joel Moskowitz Part 2

Part two of a two-part radio program about the health effects from exposure to radiation from cellphones and other wireless devices. Includes safety tips and policy recommendations. Dr. Joel Moskowitz is interviewed by Tonya Mandich of the Calvary Radio Network (50 minutes total run time). Click here for Part 1


RF Safe Cell Phone Radiation Shields Prevent Fetal Radiation Exposure

RF Safe cell phone radiation protection designed in fashionable pink intends to protect unborn babies from exposure to cell phone radiation. Cambridge, Massachusetts (PRWEB) January 06, 2014 According to RF Safe, women with cell phones today have much to worry about if two areas of women’s health turn out to be affected by cell phone […]

Brain Damage

Brain Damage Red Herring Journalist: Niall McKay October, 2000 That driver with the cell phone may not be paying attention – or maybe it’s a tumor. Since the first yuppies held brick-size cell phones to their ears, the question has loomed. Do cell phones cause brain damage to the 200 million people who use them? […]

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer ?

Can Cell Phones Cause Cancer ? IEEE Spectrum By Kenneth R. Foster, University of Pennsylvania & John E. Moulder, Medical College of Wisconsin August, 2000 A driver using a wireless telephone might be worried about having an accident, even while being reassured that if one were to happen, he or she could call for help. […]

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones?

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones? IT Director July 24, 2000 It’s niggling doubt time. Do mobile phones push out harmful radiation or not? Let’s ask the scientists. Trouble is, can we trust them? It isn’t a case of corruption, but contradictory evidence that is then used by our own, dear politicians to promote their […]

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Cell Phone On Your Belt Brings Radiation To Liver And Kidneys

Cell Phone On Your Belt Brings Radiation To Liver And Kidneys The Sunday Mirror July 10, 1999 Leaving a mobile phone clipped to your waist leads to a hotspot of radiation being pumped into the liver and kidneys. Yet thousands of people are now attaching mobiles to their belts as they switch to hands-free kits […]

Pregnant Women Warned To Be Wary Of Using Cell Phones

FED: Pregnant Women Warned To Be Wary Of Using Cell Phones AAP General News May 1, 1999 Pregnant women have been warned to be wary of using mobile phones after it was found cell phone radiation produced by wireless devices caused birth defects in chicken embryos, it is reported in tomorrow’s The Sunday Telegraph. US […]

The Study That Started It All! EMF Hazards – EMF/RF Radiation Induced Birth Defect Abnormalities in Embryos.

UPDATE 2014: The BabySafe Project, a new public awareness initiative designed to inform women about wireless radiation exposure and pregnancy. If you missed the June 3rd press conference, you can watch the video here. MOTHERS Pregnancy Stage and Fetal Position Affects Baby’s Radiation Exposure August 9, 2014 I am convinced that the Neural Tube Defect (NTD) […]

Cell Phones ‘Pose Health Risk To Embryos’

Cell Phones ‘Pose Health Risk To Embryos’ Daily Mail February 6, 1998 Scientists have warned that mobile phones could threaten the health of unborn babies. The effect of mobile phone radiation on pregnant women is believed to be more than serious than previously thought. A French research team studied the effects of mobile phone radiation […]

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