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Cell Phones ‘Pose Health Risk To Embryos’

Cell Phones ‘Pose Health Risk To Embryos’
Daily Mail
February 6, 1998

Scientists have warned that mobile phones could threaten the health of unborn babies. The effect of mobile phone radiation on pregnant women is believed to be more than serious than previously thought.

A French research team studied the effects of mobile phone radiation on 6,000 chick embryos, the Daily Mail reported. It found those which were heavily exposed to the radiation during their 21-day incubation were five times as likely to die as chicks in a control group. The scientists believe that human and chicken biology is similar, which means the results could have serious implications for pregnant women.

Professor Madelaine Bastide, who led the research, told the Daily Mail: ‘Mobile phones are probably the most dangerous, followed by VDUs and televisions. ‘No woman uses a mobile for 24 hours a day and she wouldn’t hold it near her womb, but it does suggest that there could be damage to human embryos.’

The World Health Organisation has already launched an investigation into whether mobile phones cause brain tumours.

Other research has claimed that mobile phones cause headaches and tiredness if used for long periods.

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