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Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women

Cell Phone Warning For Pregnant Women

PREGNANT women who use mobile phones could be damaging their unborn babies, according to scientific research to be published later this year.

Scientists are aware that cell phones emit microwaves that can raise the temperature of the human brain. But the research, by French scientists at the University of Montpellier, suggests that the risks from radiation emitted by mobile phones could be far greater than previously thought.

The findings will appear in the academic Journal of Bio-Electro Magnetics. Papers are subjected to rigorous scrutiny by experts in the field before publication. The research points for the first time towards a link between mobile phones and possible damage to human embryos. Prof. Madeleine Bastide, who led the research, said this week that women should be wary of mobile phones while pregnant.

Her research indicated that the danger came from faint electromagnetic signals, radiated by most modern appliances. She said: “cell phones are probably the most dangerous”. Research was carried out on 6,000 chick embryos. It showed that those heavily exposed to emissions from cell phones throughout their 21-day incubation period were five times more unlikely to survive than a control group.

Scientists say that human and chicken biology is similar enough for the results to have worrying implications for pregnant women. Prof. Thomas Rosenquidst, of the University of Nebraska, said that the effects could happen so early in the development of an embryo that, in some cases, a woman might not even know that she was pregnant. Prof. Bastide said that more research was needed to assess the precise effects on human embryos.

She said: “We don’t know exactly what would be the effects on humans. It varies according to the power of the source, the length of time of exposure and distance from the source.  No woman have a cell phone near their body 24 hours a day and sheshould NEVER hold it near her womb.  This study does suggest that there could be damage to human embryos from exposure to cell phone radiation.”

Dr Cyril Smith, of the department of electrical engineering at Salford University, said that the research should be given serious consideration. He said: “Prof. Bastide is extremely well-respected. She has been looking at this issue for years. I believe that cell phone radiation could represent a serious cause for concern.”

But he said that it was unlikely that the danger would be equal for all women. He said: “It probably works a bit like cigarettes – they tend to cause cancers in those with a genetic predisposition.”


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