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Men’s EMF/RF Shielded Pocket T-Shirt

The Men’s EMF/RF Shielded T-Shirt is designed to give you 360 Degree protection to harmful EMF/ RF radiation.  This T-Shirt gives all your vital organs protection all the way around.

Rethinking Connectivity: A Wellness Advisory for A-List Celebrities

 “miscarriage, almost a 70% increase in risk compared to those with lower EMF exposures.” Mindful Usage: For public figures and influencers, setting an example of mindful cell phone usage can inspire others to adopt safer practices. Minimize Direct Contact: Avoid carrying phones in pockets or waistbands, especially for pregnant women and individuals with health concerns. […]

Pocket Cell Phone Radiation Kills Sperm, Lowers Testosterone , Causes Infertility?

Men take note: Storing your cell phone in your pants pocket may result in impaired sperm and lower testosterone and may cause infertility.  In addition, new research suggests that carrying around a cell phone in your pocket could lower sperm motility and viability. Previous research has suggested that Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR) emitted by the […]

Are Smartphones Today’s Ford Pintos? Radiation Health Risk Ignored By Media

Your Smartphone May Be Today’s Ford Pinto: Know the Health Risks It could be that you’re not old enough to remember the Ford Pinto. However, I’d like to cover some similarities between the two of them. The Pinto was classified as a subcompact car, slightly larger than a compact car. Much like today’s smartphones have […]

Report: Phones Sold In USA with Illegal Radiation Levels

An investigation by the Chicago Tribune found that several popular smartphone models, including the Apple iPhone 7, were emitting radiofrequency (RF) radiation levels that exceeded the legal safety limits set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This news raises concerns about the safety of cellphones and whether existing standards are adequate to protect the public. […]

RF Safe – Cell Phone Radiation Safety

1 in 12 Lab Rats! While this cancer probability is specific to rats, it is important to note that there has never been a study in the history of scientific research that has shown 1 in 12 rats developing cancer from exposure to a substance or agent that was subsequently proven to be safe for […]

Apple Claims Federal Regulations Bar iPhone Radiation Safety Suit

The Federal Communications Commission’s testing regulations preempt a class suit alleging certain iPhone models emit dangerous radiation levels when carried close to the body, Apple Inc. told the Northern District of California. Additionally, that court lacks jurisdiction over the suit, which seeks to challenge the FCC’s testing rules, an issue that must be reviewed by a federal […]

Newsweek Dials In on Legal Battle Over Berkeley Smartphone Radiation Warnings

Newsweek has focused attention on the alleged dangers of Smartphone radiation by reporting on a legal battle over Berkeley’s, “Right to Know” warnings on Smartphone radiation levels. CTIA, formerly the Cellular Telephone Industries Assn., is fighting in federal district court the Berkeley law, the only cell phone radiation warning of its kind in the nation, that requires the […]

RF Safe’s Anti-Radiation Smartphone Cases Salute 1st Amendment By Including Berkeley Cell Phone Radiation Safety Warning

RF Safe Invokes First Amendment Rights by Printing Berkeley’s cell phone radiation Warning Directly Inside RF Safe Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Cases. The CTIA disputing Berkeley’s ‘Right to Know’ Cell Phone Radiation Warning Ordinance, may have serious health ramifications that could impede extensive research into health effects of smartphone usage.   RF Safe openly rebuts CTIA […]

Galaxy S7 Nearly Exceeds Highest Legal SAR Level at 1.59 W/kg

It’s easy to see the bell’s and whistles of the new S7, but what about what you can’t see — RFR Radiation Levels! The Galaxy S7 has a higher SAR than the iPhone 6s and 6s plus. The big news here is that the S7 reverses the trend of lower SAR cell phones being made […]

Cell Phone Radiation Greater Risks For Children

Conscious weighing heavy on some doctors about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation. The most important thing that they are starting to mention is how RF exposure could be more harmful to children. With thinner skulls and developing brains the radiation coming off the phone could be exceeding what the FCC has said was […]

New Study Suggests EMR Changes Important Hormone Levels For Fetal Development

In a recent study on Electromagnetic Radiation and the effects it has on pregnant rats and their offspring results shows a decrease in vital hormones, such as Prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen, and increase in oxidative stress. What does this mean for fetal development? News stations everywhere are talking about pediatricians suggesting to parents to reduce […]

RF Safe Parenting 101

RF  Safe preparing you for the zombie cell phone apocalypse of the 20th Century. 20 years of research lead to the making of the BEST RF Protection on the market. Are you RF Safe?   As a mother I always want to know everything that could be harmful to my child and how to protect […]

NEWS 8 Reports One More Sign That Things Are Changing For The Wireless Industry!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]RF Safe’s EDU center paves way for a new direction in wireless safety awareness!   Doors Open October 5th! RF Safe has opened the doors to the world’s very first WIRELESS EDUCATIONAL CENTER! See Channel News 8 Story! This building will house the very first hands on displays for everyday people to understand the hazards of cell phone radiation. We […]

Cell Phone Radiation Right-To-Know Ordinance Unanimously Passes In Berkeley CA

DID YOU KNOW? The Federal Communication Commission recommends keeping your cell phone 5 to 25 millimeters away from your body, depending on the model, to limit radio frequency exposure to safe levels. A new law in USA will require this WARNING on cell phones: “If you carry or use your phone in a pants or […]

Cell Phone Radiation Warning Is One Step Closer To Law in Berkeley, CA

UPDATE: Cell phone Radiation Right-To-Know Ordinance Unanimously Passes In Berkeley CA May 13, 2015 Office of Councilmember Max Anderson, District 3 CONSENT CALENDAR October 28, 2014 To: Honorable Mayor and Members of City Council From: Councilmember Max Anderson, Councilmember Kriss Worthington Subject: City Manager Referral: Cell phone ordinance referral to City Manager RECOMMENDATION: Refer to […]

Berkeley Votes On “Right To Know” Cell Phone Warning Ordinance

UPDATE: Cell phone Radiation Right-To-Know Ordinance Unanimously Passes In Berkeley CA May 13, 2015 The city of Berkeley’s proposed ordinance isn’t about debating the role that cell phones play in the causation of cancer and other medical disorders.  The fact that biologists can demonstrate that electromagnetic radiation generated by cellular phones has biological effects that […]

Cell Tower Radiation and Its Impact on Humans and the Environment

A speech on Cell tower radiation and its impact on human beings and the environment was held on 10/11/2014 in MVJ CE Bangalore. The keynote speech was given by the Chief Guest Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, Chief Executive officer, NESA Radiation solutions. The world has experienced a phenomenal growth in the number of smartphone users. The […]

Best Precautions to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

In today’s world, it’s not really practical to stop using your cell phone. However, using the proper RF safety accessories can dramatically lower your RF exposure levels. For example, automobile accidents kill more people every year than many diseases do, and nobody is suggesting that people stop driving their cars. Instead, the government requires safety […]

Breast Cancer Alert! Make Your Bra a ‘No Phone Zone’

Cell phones and cancer. It’s a connection that’s been discussed for years, but one possibility does appear to exist, at least among some women. It all depends on where they carry their cell phone. Convenient Storage Millions of women, especially young ones, choose to keep their cell phone in their bra. It’s convenient because it […]

Ho, Ho, No! Why iPads And iPhones Are Not Kids’ Toys – Phone Radiation Warning

Cell phones and iPads rank as the most-wanted gifts of the season among youngsters, with 65% placing these devices at the top of their wish lists, according to, a discussion community with more than 10 million visitors a month. However, those clamoring to stuff their kids’ holiday stockings with the latest electronic gadgets would […]

Shield cell phone radiation with pocket shield radiation protection

Reflective RF Shields for Shirts, Pants, Belt And Purse! This shielding is most common for the modern day person on the go, and his or her active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter, day or night, elegant or casual, the pocket shield is discrete RF Protection no matter what occasion. Just slip it into your pocket or […]

Cell phone breast cancer warning

Could where you carry your cell phone make you sick? Some doctors say they’re seeing evidence of breast cancer that could be linked to where some women keep their mobile phones. Tiffany Frantz and other young women tell KTVU it’s convenient way to hold on to their cell phone. “I put my cellphone right in […]

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