Shield cell phone radiation with pocket shield radiation protection

Reflective RF Shields for Shirts, Pants, Belt And Purse!

This shielding is most common for the modern day person on the go, and his or her active lifestyle. It doesn’t matter, day or night, elegant or casual, the pocket shield is discrete RF Protection no matter what occasion. Just slip it into your pocket or handbag between you and the phone –  It’s That Easy!

This is where wireless technology and apparel truly begin a future with each other.


Pocket Shield Features
Very Flexible, Thin and Comfortable
Fashionable Transparent Gray Design
Cuts Easy To Fit Your  Needs
No Better Phone RF Shield Exist
— Protect Organs Like Kidneys, Reproductive and Liver
The Easiest Way To Safely Carry A Phone While Using A Shielded Headset

Placing a protective barrier between you and a cell phone handset that deflects RF Radiation is the ONLY method of cell phone handset protection that’s RF Safe Approved! Great For PDA’s & Cell Phones

Easy test (See Video) confirm RFS shielding technologies provide unsurpassed levels of handset safety for cell phones and other wireless devices. Use the best rf shielding possible to easily make customizable rf protection to fit your needs. It works for any cell phone!

Many cell phone shielding products interfere with reception, along with your cell phones ability to regulate power output. Our Cell Phone Radiation Shields fit any Apparel or cell phone and they do not negatively affect a cell phones performance or battery life when covering only the portion of a cell phone handset that is facing your body.  With RFS Shielding you shield what’s important, “Yourself”!

If a cell phone is in your pocket or in a handbag against your body you need one of these RF Safe Shields to deflect cell phone radiation. These Pocket shields are super thin pieces of shielding fabric laminated by hand at RF Safe to provide a protective barrier between you and your cell phone. The shield can be cut easy to custom fit any pocket to deflect harmful microwave radiation away from you. Just slip it into your pocket between the wireless device and your body – Its that easy!rf safe cell phone pocket shield

Video: A Meter Testing Our Shield

See This Video Of A Meter Testing Our Shield

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