Men’s EMF/RF Shielded Pocket T-Shirt



The Men’s EMF/RF Shielded T-Shirt is designed to give you 360 Degree protection to harmful EMF/ RF radiation.  This T-Shirt gives all your vital organs protection all the way around.


Our Men’s EMF/RF Shielded Shirt gives a 360 degree protection to all vital organs of the abdomen. Its casual design allows for it to be wore by its self or as an undergarment. The EMF/RF Shielded T-Shirt has a pocket located on the left upper side of shirt that is not shielded. This allows for the phone to receive calls, it doesn’t increase radiation levels, and it’s a nice place for a phone.
This shirt is just a piece of the puzzle when it comes to safe wireless device use. This shirt is a great item to addition to the Men’s Boxers that are also shielded from harmful EMF/RF Radiation.

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