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360° RF/EMF Shielded Men’s Boxer’s

360° RF/EMF Shielded Men’s Boxer’s

RF Safe 360° RF/EMF Shielded Men’s Boxer’s comfortable and stylish with 360 Degree radiation protection. EMF Radiation has been linked to infertility in men, and birth defects in children.

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You should be protecting your family jewels with RF Safe Men’s EMF/ RF Shielded Boxers today. Studies suggest that certain cases of infertility could be associated with the location of the cell phone in the pocket of a males jeans. Some cases of testicular cancer has also been linked to EMF/RF Radiation.

These EMF/RF Shielded Men’s Boxers provide 360 Degree protection for all types of microwaves, wireless technologies, cooking appliances. Made out of 35% Silver Fiber, 45% Cotton, 20% Polyester these boxer’s nice and comfortable but built to shield from harmful radiation exposure. RF Safe provides plenty of solutions for trying to lower the exposure of harmful EMF/ RF radiation. It is truly a system of safe usage of radiating devices that will give you the best results.

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