RF Safe Maternity Shirt
rf-shielded-maternity-dress-lined-wireless-radiation-silver-fiber-protectionrear-view-rf-shielded-maternity-dress-lined-wireless-radiation-silver-fiber-protectionrf-shielded-maternity-dress-shields-wireless-rf-radiation-from-babyrf-shielded-maternity-dressRF Safe Maternity Shirt

Anti Radiation Maternity Shirt with 360 Degree RF Protection for Baby and Mom



Anti-Radiation Maternity Shirt with 360 Degree RF Protection for Baby and Mom Made by RF Safe, Protection where, and when it matters most. Protection from excessive RF exposure 360 Degrees around Baby and Mom.

Product Description

The RF Safe Maternity Shirt is designed for pregnant women that wish to greatly reduce RF exposure to reproductive organs and their developing baby. The RF Safe Maternity Shirt feels soft and gentle to the skin. Completely machine washable (no bleach) and dry-able on cool (or preferably hang dry) without losing shielding performance. This shielding is beneficial when you’re around wireless computers, microwave ovens, Smartphones, Wireless Tablets, Wireless routers or anywhere you are exposed to RFR radiation.

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Maternity Shirt Size

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