Diagnosis and Management of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity EHS BSEM March 2014

EHS (electro-hypersensitivity) was first recognized in 1932 by the German medical doctor Erwin Schliephake. He published scientific data in the German Medical Weekly about his patients that were experiencing unusual symptoms around radio towers. He called this condition “microwave sickness” or “radio wave sickness”. The symptoms he observed were: Headaches to the point of intolerability […]

Smartphone giving you a headache?

Smartphone Causing Your Headache – Cell Phone Radiation Induced Headaches

Cell phones work by relaying low levels of radio waves from their antennas to a nearby base tower. A cell phone emits microwave radiation within the electromagnetic spectrum. The electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones were thought to be harmless as long as they complied with current FCC SAR guidelines, until recent studies have proven […]

Brain Damage

Brain Damage Red Herring Journalist: Niall McKay October, 2000 That driver with the cell phone may not be paying attention – or maybe it’s a tumor. Since the first yuppies held brick-size cell phones to their ears, the question has loomed. Do cell phones cause brain damage to the 200 million people who use them? […]

Cell Phones May Damage Nerves In The Scalp

Cell Phones May Damage Nerves In The Scalp Reuters Journalist: Amy Norton August 15, 2000 As cellular phones become ubiquitous, their status as a possible health threat–either as a distraction to drivers or a potential cause of brain tumors–is gaining more attention. Now, investigators say there is evidence that cell phones may damage nerves in […]

Just How Safe Is Your Cell Phone To Use?

Just How Safe Is Your Phone To Use? Belfast Telegraph August 11, 2000 Health fears over hands-6.00 mobile phones are expected to be played down by a Government report to be published today. -A 41-year-old neurologist in the States filed a GBP50 million lawsuit against Motorola last week for damages following the discovery of a […]

Your Cell Really Safe?

Is Your Cellphone Really Safe? Newsweek Journalists: Claudia Kalb And Karen Springen July 30, 2000 Dialing For Cancer? A New Study Says Risks From Cell Phones Remains Unclear A controversial new article renews concerns about health hazards Shari Welsh can’t imagine life without her cell. She brings it everywhere—biking through the hills, driving in the […]

PR, Radiation And Bad Science

PR, Radiation And Bad Science Australian IT Journalist: Stewart Fist July 25, 2000 This is the Information Age. Right? And Australia is the Lucky Country, the Smart Country, or the Knowledge Nation, depending on which academic, lobbyist or politician you talk to. Meanwhile, Kim Beazley’s Labor Party has put out to pasture the only science […]

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones?

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones? IT Director July 24, 2000 It’s niggling doubt time. Do mobile phones push out harmful radiation or not? Let’s ask the scientists. Trouble is, can we trust them? It isn’t a case of corruption, but contradictory evidence that is then used by our own, dear politicians to promote their […]

Headaches From Your Cell Phone

What’s Cooking? The Australian Journalist: Robert Wilson March 23, 1999 People know that there’s something going on. They know they get headaches, they feel the side of their head heat up, and they’re getting devices that reduce radiation output or hold the phone away from their head. It’s our constant companion in the modern world; […]

Cell Phones Cause Headaches & Fatigue, Claims Report

Cell Phones Cause Headaches & Fatigue, Claims Report Newsbytes News Network Journalist: Sylvia Dennis May 18, 1998 A Swedish study into the use of mobile phones in Sweden and Norway claims a probable link between the use of mobiles and malaise’s such as fatigue, headaches, and tingling, plus heat sensations among users. The Swedish National […]

Headaches From Cell Phones

Headaches From Cell Phones: Are They Real And What Are The Implications? Environmental Health Perspectives (A Journal Published By The National Institutes Of Health) Author: Allan H. Frey March, 1998 There have been many recent reports of headaches occurring in association with the use of hand-held cellular telephones (1,2). Digital telephone users are more likely […]