Smartphone Causing Your Headache – Cell Phone Radiation Induced Headaches

Smartphone giving you a headache?
Is your smartphone giving you a headache?

Cell phones work by relaying low levels of radio waves from their antennas to a nearby base tower. As a result, a cell phone emits microwave radiation within the electromagnetic spectrum.

The electromagnetic fields emitted by cell phones were considered harmless as long as they complied with current FCC SAR guidelines until recent studies have proven different. Unfortunately, peer-reviewed and replicated research have proven over and over that existing safety standard used by the FCC are worthless.

Smartphone consumers getting headaches are an increasing problem for the wireless industry. However, if you feel a throbbing pain in your Head after using a cell phone for only a few minutes, consider yourself lucky.

The damage is being done, if you can feel it or not. Watch this video, I wish Jimmy were still around to tell you for himself, and he would be — if he were somehow alerted to the damage he was doing to his body from using his cell phone 30 minutes a day for over ten years.   Your Head will never get over the pain a brain tumor leaves behind.

Many cell phone users report they experience headaches after using their cell phones. Which network the phone is on seems to make a difference, as users report more discomfort using 4G LTE technology. Most people use their cell phones several times a day, so what results from the electromagnetic waves going to your brain?

What do the studies conclude? Watch the video below to find out!

In other studies, microwaves change your brain’s activity levels, and a study in Sept 2014 proves that cell phone radiation invokes inflammatory reactions in cells. How RFR-induced inflammation or other RFR factors trigger each person’s painful headaches will be different for each person.

But what about a direct relationship between cell phones and headaches? A blind study was conducted with participants wearing a specially designed helmet with a cell phone near the left ear. The helmet was designed to record brain activity while the person was wearing it. The cell phone signals were turned on for the same period of time that a person is usually on their cell phone. The brain waves were measured while the cell phone was on and off. The participants were unaware of when the cell phone signals were turned on or off.

See how easy it is to reduce the radiation that penetrates your brain – More tests here.

[pullquote]The peer-reviewed journal Clinical Neurophysiology has just published research showing that 30 minutes of exposure to LTE cellphone radiation affects brain activity on both sides of the brain. [/pullquote] When the phones were on, the researchers found increased activity in the cortical area of the left side of the brain. This portion of the brain is responsible for language and movement. Furthermore, the increased activity in the brain continued for up to one hour after the cell phone was turned off.

While industry-sponsored studies have failed to show a clear link between cell phone usage and brain tumors (industry studies have ignored other effects), independent scientific studies show that the radiation from handheld mobile phones does pose serious health risks and can increase the incidence of brain tumors. Microwave signals travel through human tissue, glass, and plastic. Human tissue also absorbs microwave radiation. The effect of even minute levels of microwave radiation has been shown to:

* open the blood-brain barrier
* heat head & brain tissue
* disrupt brain activity
* reverse cell membrane polarity
* alter brain waves
* alter brain chemistry
* damage DNA

If you use a cell phone, you could be at serious risk for debilitating and life-threatening illnesses. Following are just a few of the studies that document the risks associated with exposure to cell phone radiation:

The Head Absorbs 40% of Phones Radiation

Headaches, nausea, dizziness, short-term memory problems, fatigue, and other complaints resulting from cellular phone use are not due to low-level heating of the brain; instead, they’re caused by the Head serving as an “antenna” and brain tissue as a radio receiver, according to two Jerusalem researchers. Zvi Weinberger, a physicist who heads the applied physics department at the Jerusalem College of Technology, and Dr. Elihu Richter, Head of the occupational medicine unit at the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health, suggested this in the latest issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses. Mobile phones, they explained, “broadcast specifically at frequencies at which the head serves as an antenna and brain tissue serves as a demodulating radio receiver.” Thus, precaution must be taken in using cell phones, they wrote. Jerusalem Post

Mobile Phone Signals Affect Brain Activity

A study in the Journal of Sleep Research (Blackwell Publishing) found that 30 minutes of exposure to electromagnetic fields, as from GSM mobile phones, caused changes to brain activity that lasted long afterward. Dr. Peter Achermann and colleagues from the University of Zurich, and ITIS, in Zurich found that blood flow increased in areas of the brain on the side nearest the phone and that this effect lasted for over half an hour afterward. They also discovered that the brain’s electrical activity (?brain waves?) was affected not only immediately after the exposure but also lasted through much of the subsequent night’s sleep.

Radiation From Cell Phones Can Make Cancer Grow Faster

“Italian scientists have raised new health concerns about the safety of using mobile phones, with research showing radio waves from the handsets make cancerous cells grow more aggressively..” Reuters,

Cell Tower Radiation Shown to Cause Headaches and Nausea

Three Dutch ministries recently conducted a study that found that the radiation from the next generation cell phone towers can cause headaches and nausea. The study is the first of its kind and compared the impact of radiation from base stations used for the current mobile telephone network with that of cell towers for new third-generation (3G) networks. The study used lower a dose of radiation than cell phones. This is because handheld phones emit stronger radiation when used, while cell towers transmit more constant radio signals, exposing everyone within range.

“If the test group was exposed to third generation base station signals, there was a significant impact… They felt tingling sensations, got headaches, and felt nauseous,” a spokeswoman for the Dutch Economics Ministry said.

Cell Phone Radiation Opens the Blood-Brain Barrier

A study headed by Leif Salford, Department of Neurosurgery at Lund University in Sweden, and published in Environmental Health Perspectives suggests cell phone use can damage neurons in the brain. Several studies have looked at potential links between cell phone use and cancer, and most found little or no effects. However, this study found that exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by certain phones was associated with the leakage of albumin through the blood-brain barrier and neuronal damage that increased in response to the amount of exposure. While the study sample was small, researchers said the combined results are “highly significant and exhibit a clear dose-response relation.”

Cell Phone Radiation Can Cause Brain Tumors

An epidemiology study by Dr. Lennart Hardell found a higher incidence of brain tumors on the sides of heads used by mobile-phone subscribers to make and receive calls. The study was published in the August 2002 European Journal of Cancer Prevention issue.

The body of evidence showing the hazards of cell phones is more than sufficient to cause alarm, yet, public health organizations continue to stall. In contrast, the cell phone industry builds more towers and makes Billions selling more phones. Just as the tobacco industry was able to hold back the truth regarding the health effects of smoking, the cell phone industry has prevented the truth about cell phone safety from reaching mass media. If you care about your health and your family’s health, take the time to educate yourself and have the courage to act on what you find.

What you can do to reduce your risk: