Study Shows 30 Mins of Exposure to 4G LTE Cell Phone Radiation Alters Brain Activity

The peer-reviewed journal Clinical Neurophysiology has just published research showing that 30 minutes of exposure to LTE cellphone radiation affects brain activity on both sides of the brain.1

Researchers exposed the right ear of 18 participants to LTE radio frequency radiation for 30 minutes.  The absorbed amount of radiation in the brain was well within international (ICNIRP) cell phone legal limits, and the radiation source was kept 1 cm from the ear.  To eliminate study biases, the researchers employed a double-blind, crossover, randomized design, exposing participants to actual and sham exposures.

Each participant’s resting state brain activity was measured by magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) twice, once after exposure to LTE radio frequency radiation and then again after a sham exposure.

The results demonstrate that radiofrequency radiation from LTE 4G technology affects brain neural activity in both the closer brain region and in the remote area, including the left hemisphere of the brain.

This study is essential for two reasons.  Firstly, it is the first to be carried out on the short-term effects of Long Term Evolution (LTE), fourth generation (4G) cell phone technology.  Secondly, because of the rapid rate of adoption of this technology.

According to the Global mobile Suppliers Association, “LTE is the fastest developing mobile system technology ever.” The United States is the largest LTE market in the world.  By March 2013, the global total of LTE subscriptions was already 91 million subscribers.  Over half of these, 47 million, were American 4G subscribers.


Cell Phone Exposures and Disease

This study establishes that short-term exposure to LTE radio frequency radiation affects brain activity.  The long-term effects of these exposures have yet to be studied, but there is already considerable evidence linking these exposures to a myriad of adverse biological effects, including:

  • Sperm damage
  • DNA breaks
  • Increased glucose in the brain
  • Weakened bones
  • Genetic stress
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Effects on unborn children

More worrying is the link between these exposures and a long list of diseases, such as:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Autism
  • Brain Tumors
  • Breast cancer
  • Brain cancer

More research is needed on the effects of LTE and other forms of cell phone radiation, but the evidence is already compelling.  Many scientific and medical experts sound the alarm.


1 Bin Lv, Zhiye Chen, Tonguing Wu, Qing Shao, Duo Yan, Lin Ma, Ke Lu, Yi Xie.  The alteration of spontaneous low-frequency oscillations caused by acute electromagnetic field exposureClinical Neurophysiology.  Published online 4 September 2013.



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