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FCC opens 95GHz to 3THz spectrum that makes way for 7G now UVGi-Fi pandemic countermeasures

FCC opens 95GHz to 3THz spectrum for 6G, 7G now, or whatever is next like UVGi-Fi pandemic countermeasures   Far UV must be harnessed as a common utility for humanity. IoT connectivity with Far UV light bands must become the new dedicated unlicensed band of the electromagnetic spectrum for wireless data and telecommunications. To accomplish […]

QuantaDose™ UVC Indicator UV Dosimeter UVC Light Test Card


QuantaDose UVC Test Card

WAR On Coronavirus: Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project

Inside the Florida Home Taking The Fight To Virus! Human-safe Far-UVC Sterilization Project We have many well-reviewed studies that ProVE RNA viruses, like coronavirus are made inactive at 207 – 222 nm and completely safe for skin and eye exposure, just math, and a narrow band of light from an LED will do it. […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 can live on Smartphones Screens up to 4 Days

Q: Can Novel Coronavirus Live on Smartphone Screens? A: Yes, research on similar pathogens show a virus can live up to 96 hours on Smartphone screens. The novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19 is a close relative of SARS and likely, but without certainty, may have a similar lifespan on surfaces. These estimates come from data […]

207-222 nm FAR UVC Light Manufacturers of Excimer Far-UVC Light Bulbs and 219nm Far-UVC LEDs


Airborne-mediated microbial diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis represent significant public health challenges. A direct approach to prevent airborne transmission is the inactivation of airborne pathogens such as Coronavirus. The airborne antimicrobial potential of UVC ultraviolet light has long been established; however, its widespread use in public settings is limited because conventional UVC light sources […]

How to KILL COVID-19 with Far-UVC LED Lighting. RF Safe Proactively Fights Coronavirus


According to RF Safe’s review of research, biowarfare agents (Natural or engineered) can be defeated with Far- UVC light! Proven Completely Safe For Human Eyes and Skin! The evolutionary development of UV light sterilization can trace its roots to a fascinating historical artifact you can view online, the 1878 paper On the Influence of Light […]