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Headaches From Your Cell Phone

What’s Cooking? The Australian Journalist: Robert Wilson March 23, 1999 People know that there’s something going on. They know they get headaches, they feel the side of their head heat up, and they’re getting devices that reduce radiation output or hold the phone away from their head. It’s our constant companion in the modern world; […]

Phone Makers Not Liable

Phone Makers Not Liable Chicago Sun Times March 23, 1999 The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a lower court decision that shielded Motorola Inc. and other wireless phone makers from state law claims regarding the safety of cellular phones. The original suit, filed by Frank J. Schiffner, a one-time owner of a Motorola phone, charged […]

In Denial Over Cell Phone Hazards

In Denial Over Cell Phone Hazards London Evening Standard Journalist: Quentin Letts March 17, 1999 We all raged about mad cow disease, and most of us agree that GM foods look dodgy. But the mobile phones cancer story is the health scare that London is too frightened to discuss. It is heads-in-the-sand, taboo time. Mobiles? […]

Should I Be Worried About Cell Phone Radiation?

Should I Be Worried About Cell Phone Radiation? Associated Press March 17, 1999 Mobile phones are the growth industry of the Nineties, a success story that is here to stay. They have gone from expensive plaything to essential accessory, but studies seem to suggest that they could cause memory loss and even brain tumors. Other […]

Loss Of Memory Link To Smartphones Cell Phone Radiation

Loss Of Memory Link To Smartphones Daily Mail Journalist: Lucie Morris March 1, 1999 Mobile phones have been linked to memory loss in worrying new research. Scientists say tests on humans showed the phones disrupted a part of the brain which controls memory and learning. Researchers at Bristol Royal Infirmary attached transmitters to the heads […]

Lawsuit By Former Engineer Says Cell Phone Damaged His Brain

Lawsuit By Former Engineer Says Mobile Phone Damaged His Brain Reuters March 15, 1999 A former British Telecom [NYSE:BTY] (BT) engineer has announced plans to take his former employers to court over brain damage he says was caused by his having to use a mobile phone in connection with his work. Stephen Corney, aged 39, […]

Cell Phones Should Come With Warnings

Cell Phones Should Come With Warnings, Says Group CBC News (WebPosted) March 11, 1999 The next time your cell phone rings, a consumer group wants you to think about more than just answering the call. It says cell phones are a health risk. It is predicted that within five years, there will be a billion […]

Smartphones Under Memory Loss Scrutiny

Smartphones Under Memory Loss Scrutiny – Dumb Call Australian News Network March 7, 1999 Australian scientists will investigate whether mobile phones are bad for your health. British researchers have already claimed mobile phones can lead to memory loss and lack of concentration. Now an 18-month study of 100 volunteers in NSW will determine whether electromagnetic […]

Cell Phone Usage Amid Health Hazards

British Scientists Nix Cell Phone Usage Amid Health Hazards A major report due out later this month and based on eminent research carried out by scientists at Bristol Royal Infirmary, a UK hospital, will link cellular phone usage with short-term memory loss, Newsbytes has learned. Some of the scientists involved with the study have dramatically […]

Health Scientists Cut Their Cell Phone Use

Health Scientists Cut Their Cell Phone Use BBC News March 1, 1999 Leading scientists have have cut down or modified their personal use of mobile phones as fears mount that they can damage health. New research to be published next month links mobile phone use to memory loss. The use of mobile phones has already […]

Research on cell phone radiation safety

The Action Moves To Europe Microwave News February, 1999 The U.S. government is getting ready to bury the EMF issue (see p.7)—at the same time that the European Parliament is discussing prudent avoidance measures like ALARA (see p.1). The European Union is also likely to fund important studies on cellular phone safety – studies that […]

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research

Clock Ticking On Cell Phone Health Hazards Research — Wireless Industry Effort Leaves Issues Up In The Air Telecommunications Journalist: Meg Mcginity February 8, 1999 Time is running out for Wireless Technology Research (WTR). After nearly five years and $25 million worth of research into the health effects of wireless telephone service, the group-funded by […]

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