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Why You Need Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Editors Note: Mobile phone radiation and health

The concept of measuring safe levels of cell phone radiation exposure using a specific absorption rate (SAR) has been around for many years, but recent developments have test methods in question by the FCC for public safety concerns.

The thermal and non-thermal dividing line currently used as the basis for safety standards of radio frequency radiation exposures (SAR Levels) is no more than a “red herring,” a distraction from the publics understanding of the actual health effects of low level microwave radio frequency radiation (Cell Phone Radiation) and therefore our ability to protect the public.. It increasingly appears invalid to distinguish ionizing from non-ionizing radiation with respect to their health effects.

Bottom line…  Cell phone radiation in not safe for everyone!  We honestly don’t know who will be affected by cell phone radiation exposure because everyone’s DNA is different! Yet we do know people that have died because of cell phone radiation exposure!!  Just as some people can die from bee stings and some don’t. We just don’t know if you’ll be safe using a cell phone and neither does anyone else… including the FCC, FDA, the cell phone manufacturers and all the “so called experts”!

After all, how many other products have we been told  were “safe”. by Industries and government alike, that later turned out to be be toxic, dangerous… even fatal?

Will cell phone radiation from cell phones join these killers on the “Gee, we thought it was safe” list? We’d say so, furthermore no one can prove to RF Safe that cell phone radiation exposure is not one of the largest newly growing health risk we face today! It may take years, even decades, before all of the research has been accumulated and the truth becomes known to everyone.

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