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RF Safe Air Tube Headset Samsung Cell Phones Model

The RF Safe Air-Tube Headset was developed using an air tube to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. Where the non-conductive silicone air-tube starts is where the RF radiation drops off creating the distance you need to avoid harmful RF from penetrating directly into your head.

Air-Tube Headset Samsung Model Chart

Samsung SGH-A167
Samsung SPH-A303
Samsung SPH-A460
Samsung SPH-A503
Samsung SGH-A561
Samsung SPH-A640
Samsung SGH-A707
Samsung SGH-A717
Samsung SPH-A900
Samsung MM-A920
Samsung MM-A940
Samsung Alias
Samsung Alias 2
Samsung Anycall
Anycall 5200
Anycall Haptic


Samsung B3210
Samsung B3410
Samsung B7300
Samsung B7610
Samsung Behold II
Samsung Bresson
Samsung Brightside


Samsung GT-C3050
Samsung SGH-C417
Samsung Captivate Glide
Samsung Champ
Samsung Chat 335
Samsung B5310
Samsung Corby
Samsung Corby Speed


Samsung SGH-D500
Samsung SGH-D600
Samsung SGH-D807
Samsung SGH-D900
Danger Hiptop
Samsung Dart


Samsung E1107
Samsung E1120
Samsung E1170
Samsung E2130
Samsung SGH-E250
Samsung SGH-E250i
Samsung E3210
Samsung SGH-E715
Samsung SGH-E720
Samsung SGH-E900


Samsung SGH-F210
Samsung SGH-F480
Samsung SGH-F700


Samsung SGH-G600
Samsung SGH-G800
Samsung SGH-G810
Samsung Galaxy
Samsung Intensity (series)
Samsung Galaxy (original)
Samsung Galaxy 5
Samsung Galaxy Core
Samsung Galaxy Express
Samsung Galaxy Express 2
Samsung Galaxy Fame
Samsung Galaxy Fit
Samsung Galaxy Grand
Samsung Galaxy Win

G cont.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
Galaxy Nexus
Samsung Galaxy Note (original)
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy Portal
Samsung Galaxy R
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Galaxy S Advance
Samsung Galaxy S III Mini
Samsung Galaxy S II
Samsung Galaxy S Plus
Samsung Galaxy S series
Samsung Galaxy Spica
Samsung Galaxy Star
Samsung Galaxy W
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Young
Samsung Gravity series
Samsung GT-B7320
Samsung GT-B7330
Samsung Mobile GT-C3520
Samsung GT-E1150i


Samsung SGH-i300
Samsung SPH-i300
Samsung SPH-i500
Samsung SPH-i550
Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Samsung Galaxy 3
Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung SGH-i600
Samsung SPH-i700
Samsung SCH-i760
Samsung SCH-i770
Samsung GT-i8510
Samsung Galaxy Beam i8520
Samsung i8000
Samsung i8910
Samsung SGH-i900
Samsung Impression
Samsung Infuse 4G
Samsung Intercept




Samsung Konx


Samsung SPH-M100
Samsung SPH-M300
Samsung SGH-M310
Samsung SPH-M520
Samsung SPH-M620
Samsung GT-M7500
Samsung M8800
Samsung M8910
Samsung Minikit


Samsung SPH-N270
Nexus S


Samsung Omnia Series


Samsung SGH-P300
Samsung SGH-P310
Samsung SGH-P520
Samsung Pixon
Samsung Pixon12


Samsung Rant
Samsung Replenish
Samsung REX
Samsung Rugby

R cont.

Samsung Rugby Smart


Samsung S5230
Samsung S5560
Samsung S5600
Samsung S5600v
Samsung S8000
Samsung Wave S8500
Samsung Wave II S8530
Samsung S5560i
Samsung Galaxy Gio
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus
Samsung Ativ S
Samsung Exhibit 4G
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2
Samsung Galaxy Ace 3
Samsung Galaxy Beam i8530
Samsung Galaxy Mega
Samsung Galaxy Note series
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo
Samsung Galaxy Pocket Plus
Samsung Galaxy Prevail
Samsung Galaxy Round
Samsung Galaxy S 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy S III
Samsung Galaxy S Relay 4G
Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Galaxy Tab series
Samsung Galaxy Y DUOS
Samsung Galaxy Y Plus
Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS
Samsung Gravity (original)
Samsung Gravity 2
Samsung Gravity 3
Samsung S7550
Samsung S8300
Samsung SCH-R810
Samsung SCH-U650
Samsung SCH-U740
Samsung SCH-U940
Samsung SGH-A127
Samsung SGH-A177
Samsung SGH-A657 (AT&T)
Samsung SGH-A767
Samsung SGH-A877
Samsung SGH-C414
Samsung SGH-E700
Samsung SGH-E740
Samsung SGH-i550w
Samsung SGH-i607
Samsung SGH-i617
Samsung SGH-i627
Samsung SGH-i637
Samsung SGH-i780
Samsung SGH-i907
Samsung SGH-t309
Samsung SGH-T409
Samsung SGH-T559
Samsung SGH-T619
Samsung SGH-T639
Samsung SGH-T669
Samsung SGH-T749
Samsung SGH-T819

Samsung SGH-T919
Samsung SGH-U700
Samsung SGH-U800
Samsung SGH-U900
Samsung SGH-X427m
Samsung Slash
Samsung SPH-i325
Samsung SPH-M550
Samsung SPH-M800
Samsung SPH-M810
Samsung Stripe
Samsung Intensity
Samsung Intensity II

S cont.

Samsung SCH-U750
Samsung SCH-U960
Serene (phone)
Samsung SGH-E830
Samsung SGH-t349
Samsung SPH-M900
Samsung spica


Samsung SGH-T100
Samsung SGH-t319
Samsung t401g
Samsung T509
Samsung SGH-T629
Samsung SGH-T729


Samsung SCH-U470
Samsung SCH-U520
Samsung SGH-U600
Samsung SCH-U700
Samsung SCH-u740
Samsung SCH-u750


Vodafone 360 Samsung M1


Samsung W880
Samsung Wave 575


Samsung SGH-X200
Samsung SGH-X820

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