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Law firm launches investigation into Apple, Samsung, Motorola cell phones: may dangerously exceed FCC radiation limits

According to a recent report in the Chicago Tribune, Apple and Samsung phones released over the last three years may be producing RF radiation at higher levels than Federal Communications Commission limits allow. The FCC requires Smartphone manufacturers to abide by guidelines designed to limit radio-frequency radiation absorption by the human body. The current measurement […]

Why Are Samsung Cell Phones Rated The Lowest Radiation Cell Phones?

Before we get started, it should be known that Samsungs newest design flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SAR tested in Aug 2022, ranks among the lowest head SAR levels recorded for any smartphone. In fact, as for the year 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 had the lowest SAR value for the head […]

RF Safe Air Tube Headset Samsung Cell Phones Model

The RF Safe Air-Tube Headset was developed using an air tube to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your head. Where the non-conductive silicone air-tube starts is where the RF radiation drops off creating the distance you need to avoid harmful RF from penetrating directly into your head. Air-Tube Headset Samsung Model Chart Samsung SGH-A167 […]

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