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FCC is led by a former lobbyist; the lobbyists are led by former FCC leaders.

What do all these people have in comonTom Wheeler Michael Powell Meredith Attwell Baker

This really explains why there is a growing dissonance among communities about the government’s lack of action to protect the American people from wireless radiation. This was clearly seen in January 2014 when FCC chairman Tom Wheeler was in Silicon Valley.  The full video can be seen at RF Safe here https://www.rfsafe.com/fcc-chairman-tom-wheeler-confronted-cell-phone-radiation-silicon-valley/ A story published […]

Lowest radiation cell phones sold in USA

Cell phone safety starts with the lowest radiation cell phones. SAR (specific absorption rate) is an indication of the amount of radiation that is absorbed into a head whilst using a cellular phone, the higher the SAR rating the more radiation that is absorbed into the head. UPDATE: Wireless radiation safety innovator, RF Safe Cooperation […]

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is not an adequate measure to protect health

SAR tests allow an industry to set  theoretically acceptable human body radiation absorption simulations.  SAR Test only measure temperature (thermal) increases, rather than a cell phone’s actual microwave radiation emissions a user is exposed to.  To date, the effects of cell phone radiation upon cells and biological mechanisms in the body are being debated worldwide, as […]