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Over 2 Billion Could Suffer from Cell Phone Cancer by 2025

Cell Phone Cancer The studies and survey conducted by Australian Health Research Institute indicates that due to billions of times more in volume electromagnetic radiation emitted by billions of mobile phones, internet, intranet and wireless communication data transmission will make almost one-third of world population (about two billions) Cell Phone Cancer patients of ear, breast, […]

DNA And The Microwave Effect

 UPDATE:2014 Scientists End 13 Year Debate Proving Non-ionizing RF Microwave Effect Causes Cell Phone Radiation DNA Damage The prevailing view that non-ionizing cell phone radiation can not cause DNA damage was first challenged academically with a theory Penn State published titled, DNA and the Microwave Effect, January 20, 2001. New studies on (ROS) Oxygen Species […]

Cell phone breast cancer

Cell phone breast cancer warning

Could where you carry your cell phone make you sick? Some doctors say they’re seeing evidence of breast cancer that could be linked to where some women keep their mobile phones. Tiffany Frantz and other young women tell KTVU it’s convenient way to hold on to their cell phone. “I put my cellphone right in […]

There is No Safe Cell Phone SAR Specific Absorption Rate

More RF Models Dial SAR For Cancer THE FCC GUIDELINE “SAR” MAY BE THE BIGGEST SCAM OF ALL! “NO” SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) RATING Can Be Called Safe!  To Do So Is Bad Science, Bad Judgment & Recklessly Endangering Lives!  Cell Phone SAR [About SAR] SAR tests allow an industry to set theoretically acceptable human body radiation absorption simulations. Cell Phone […]

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue Medill News Service Journalist: Katherine Hunt August 11, 2000 It’s too soon to say whether radio frequency emissions from cellular phones cause adverse health effects, including brain cancer, say scientists at a recent Food and Drug Association conference. “The scientific community is in agreement that [prior] research [shows cell phones] […]

Just How Safe Is Your Cell Phone To Use?

Just How Safe Is Your Phone To Use? Belfast Telegraph August 11, 2000 Health fears over hands-6.00 mobile phones are expected to be played down by a Government report to be published today. -A 41-year-old neurologist in the States filed a GBP50 million lawsuit against Motorola last week for damages following the discovery of a […]

DTI and Which? At Odds Over Phone Safety

DTI and Which? At Odds Over Cell Phone Safety The Register Journalist: Lucy Sheriff August 08, 2000 Consumers have been left without a clue – should they go hands-6.00 or clamp their  cell phone to their ear? Research published by the government today indicates that hands-6.00 mobile phone kits are safe to use. These new […]

Mobile Phones Safety Muddle

Mobile Phones Safety Muddle Daily Mail August 08, 2000 Mobile phone users face further anxiety and confusion today over the safety of hands-6.00 kits. An official Government report will give earpieces the all-clear and say they limit exposure to potentially dangerous radiation. But last night other safety experts condemned the findings as ‘misleading’ and said […]

ACA Raises Bar On Mobile Safety

ACA Raises Bar On Mobile Safety West Australian Journalist: David Hutting May 30, 2000 On 29 May 2000, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) says it is updating cell phone radiation regulations. They will widen from applying to devices in the 800MHz to 900MHz range to covering all mobile phone handsets and base stations, cordless phone […]

FCC: Cell Phone Safety Tests Need Standards

FCC: Cell Phone Tests Need Standards Dallas Morning News October 23, 1999 U.S. regulators warned a technical panel Friday to promptly develop tests for determining safe levels of wireless phone emissions or face standards imposed by the Federal Communications Commission. Manufacturers such as Motorola Inc. and Nokia Oyj use different methods for testing microwave radiation […]

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