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Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR – FCC Cell Phone Radiation Exposure Limits

Looking for how to find the Specific Absorption Rate of your Smartphone? It doesn’t get any easier than this. Simply enter your FCC ID below (include dashes when applicable) FCC CELLULAR VALUES: Head SAR Levels – Body SAR –  Hotspot SAR FCC SIMULTANEOUS VALUES:  Head SAR  –  Body SAR  –  Hotspot SAR Enter the Phone’s FCC ID: Popular smartphones […]

Why Are Samsung Cell Phones Rated The Lowest Radiation Cell Phones?

Before we get started, it should be known that Samsungs newest design flip phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 SAR tested in Aug 2022, ranks among the lowest head SAR levels recorded for any smartphone. In fact, as for the year 2022, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 had the lowest SAR value for the head […]

Computer Generated RF EXPOSURE Models

These computer generated models shown below illustrate the effects of cell phone radiation. They were independently created by a Canadian university and a South African research company specializing in electromagnetic studies. The Applied Electromagnetics Group in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has developed computer […]

Radiofrequency (RF) Radiation – Energy/Health Abstract

Electromagnetic radiation consists of waves of electric and magnetic energy moving together (that is, radiating) through space at the speed of light. Taken together, all forms of electromagnetic energy are referred to as the electromagnetic spectrum. Radio waves and microwaves emitted by transmitting antennas are one form of electromagnetic energy. Often the term electromagnetic field […]

iPhone SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Ratings

iPhones   Apple Iphone 3G North America   Frequency Band IC 1g SAR Limit (W/kg) Body Ear GSM 850 1.6 1.030 0.521 GSM 1900 1.6 0.522 1.290 UMTS II 11.66 0.402 1.388 UMTS V 1.6 0.733 0.733 Wi-Fi 1.6 0.088 0.779   Apple Iphone 3G Europe   Frequency Band IC 10g SAR Limit (W/kg) Europe […]

Why You Need Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Cell Phone Radiation Protection Editors Note: Mobile phone radiation and health The concept of measuring safe levels of cell phone radiation exposure using a specific absorption rate (SAR) has been around for many years, but recent developments have test methods in question by the FCC for public safety concerns. The thermal and non-thermal dividing line […]

Cell Phone Cancer Link: Two Studies Provide New Evidence

Cell Phone Cancer Link Cell phones didn’t really begin to happen until 1973. According to Wikipedia, during that year, a Motorola executive made an experimental phone call to Bell Labs — named after the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell (this is a shoutout, ya’ll) — using a handheld device. Although some may argue […]

New phone radiation study increased brain tumor risk for children

A shocking new cell phone radiation study conducted on adolescents and their cell phone usage asks the question, “Are children at increased risk of brain tumors already?” The conclusion of the study is even more shocking than the question because it implicates all children who use cell phones. Almost 3,000 children a year in the […]

children cell phone radiation warning

Children and cell phone radiation warnings

It’s an all too familiar: children, some as young as 5 yrs old, spending an exorbitant amount of time being exposed to cell phone radiation. What may not be as familiar, and therefore go unnoticed, is the sight of children who are suffering and sick from cancer, specifically brain cancer. Australia has noticed and is […]

Government reassessment of cell phone SAR testing

Reassessment of cell phone SAR levels testing Scientific research to date has not demonstrated adverse human health effects of exposure to radio-frequency (RF) energy from mobile phone use, but research is ongoing that may increase understanding of any possible effects. In addition, officials from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institutes of […]

Murray v. Motorola, Inc Cell Phone Radiation Liability

Cell Phone Radiation Liability – Cell Phone Cancer Lawsuits UPDATE 11/23/2015: WSJ Reports Murray Cellphone Cancer Case May Cost Wireless Industry Over 1.9 Billion Dollars Federal law does not preempt claims against the cellular phone industry for injuries allegedly caused by the low radio frequency (RF) radiation emitted by cellular phones if those claims are based […]

FCC Cell Phone Radiation Standard and Tort Immunity by Implied Conflict Preemption

FCC Cell Phone Radiation Standard and Tort Immunity by Implied Conflict Preemption I. Introduction [1] Cell phones emit low-level radiation.[1] Constantly.[2] [2] From 1992 to 1998, Dr. Christopher Newman used his cell phone for nearly 350 hours—about ten minutes per day.[3] When he developed a tumor on the side of his head where he used […]

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