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ACA Raises Bar On Mobile Safety

ACA Raises Bar On Mobile Safety
West Australian
Journalist: David Hutting
May 30, 2000

On 29 May 2000, the Australian Communications Authority (ACA) says it is updating cell phone radiation regulations. They will widen from applying to devices in the 800MHz to 900MHz range to covering all mobile phone handsets and base stations, cordless phone handsets and satellite phone handsets in the 800MHz to 2500MHz range.

An authority spokeswoman, however, says that although the ACA knows that consumers are keen to be informed of the level of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being emitted by particular phones, commercial confidentiality still precludes this, and she says that although more equipment will be covered under the new regulation, the allowable level of EMR will not be reduced.

Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association director, Peter Russell, says all EMR levels are below the standard.

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