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A Well Defined Diagram Of The Symptoms Of Ebola Disease

Keepin’ it REAL, Ebola Is Deadlier Than Cell Phone Radiation

I wasn’t even in high school yet, but I can remember the day in 1976 that news headlines first informed the world about a virus which was so deadly and painful; it must have escaped the pits of hell.   The fear was easily seen on faces as nuns at my school gathered us to […]

Conflict Of Interest

CDC Avoids Panic Over Cell Phone Radiation Warnings – Protects Profits NOT People

The American people need to pay attention to blatant violations of ethics and corruption in government. Now, some are back stepping at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and an internal feud is building.  This isn’t just about an edit on the CDC’s website, it gets much deeper than that.  Absolute despotism […]

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