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CDC Becomes First U.S. Health Agency to Advise How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation – Offers Bad Tip!

According to Microwave News, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention —CDC— has become the first U.S. health agency to call for precaution in the use of cell phones.  Making them the first federal agency to acknowledge risk from cell phone radiation exposure!

“Along with many organizations worldwide, we recommend caution in cell phone use,” the CDC states on its Web site’s FAQ About Cell Phones and Your Health. It follows up with a call for more research to answer the unresolved cancer question.

The recommendation was posted on the CDC’s Web site on or before, June 9.  It passed mostly unnoticed until a few days ago when Joel Moskowitz, who writes a blog on Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, sent out a press release announcing the news.

“I am pleased to see that the CDC, the lead public health action agency in the United States, is reassuming its leadership role by warning the public about this health risk,” he said in an interview with Microwave News.  Moskowitz is the director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health.


RF Safe’s founder, John Coates sees it as a step in the right direction for regulatory agencies, but fears misinforming people on how to reduce exposure may do more harm than good.

Coates claims that the CDC’s very first so-called — cell phone radiation safety tip —  hasn’t provided enough information to ensure the safety of cell phone users, and in fact could put cellphone users at greater risk from radiation exposure.

Cell phone tips

To reduce radio frequency radiation near your body:

• Get a hands-free headset that connects directly to your phone.

Coates says this is a bad tip on the grounds that it should say “Air-tube headset” — citing a report done by a UK consumer group named, Which. Their test suggest wired hands free headsets may subject a cellphone users brain to higher levels of radiation exposure when actual radiation exposure is measured in microwatts per square meter in-place of using industry accepted and highly controversial SAR testing.


Headset RadiationConventional Headsets use wire to deliver sound to the earpiece and may also deliver electromagnetic radiation directly to your head into your ear.
RF Safe HeadsetThe RF Safe Air-tube headset delivers crystal clear sound through an air-filled wireless tube, which reduces the possibility of hazardous RF radiation exposure reaching your brain

Don’t be mislead by this common misconception carried on by the CDC that any hands free headset — (wired headset), like the headset that came with your cell phone is a safe alternative to placing a phone to your head.   This is simply not true, ordinary headsets use a wire to deliver sound to an electronic earpiece that can deliver electromagnetic radiation into your head directly through your ear canal.


RF Safe headsets are an excellent, high quality-sounding product that delivers fantastic sound quality while eliminating the harmful radiation from reaching the brain. RF Safe Headsets allow users to enjoy listening music without electric components inside the ears – for completely safe radiation free sound only acoustic technology can deliver.

RF Safe’s patented Air-Tube Technology produces the world’s most durable, best sounding air tube headset on the market, so consumers can enjoy a live, on stage sound every-time a song is played through its acoustic sound chamber delivered through a sleek air tube design.

Test have confirmed that wires used with ordinary headsets allow potentially harmful radiation to reach the brain of cellphone users. This potential radiation hazard is avoided when RF Safe headsets are used.



cell_p5cell_p4A Major Concern of Hands Free Usage

When a cell phone is attached to a belt, or in your pocket/purse radiation can penetrate the area near the cell phone handset. This radiant energy is absorbed much faster than at your head because tissues and organs such as liver, kidneys and reproductive organs provide much better conductivity than the skull. Simply put most of your major organs have no bone protection like your brain does. To avoid excessive microwave exposure to vital organs and/or fetal development when using your cell phone next to your body, a deflective barrier “RF Safe Flip Case Shield”  should be used between you and the handset itself.   Simply always keep the shielded “front” of the phone facing your body at all times. See video – results may very depending on phone model


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