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RF Safe’s Position On Wireless Products & Methodologies For Cell Phone Radiation Safety!

RF Safe’s Position On Wireless Products & Methodologies For Cell Phone Safety!

There are a growing number of products coming onto the market, that make statements which claim to offer protection from mobile phone radiation/emissions and simply DO NOT WORK! Only trust RF Safe for cell phone safety accessories that work!

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There are many shielding products to choose from and it can be confusing trying to understand which ones really work and how to use your cell phone as safe as possible. It can also increase risk to dangerous side effects if you select the wrong product or company to satisfy your shielding needs and system of usage.

As you may have noticed RF Safe takes a different approach to offering consumers wireless products.  Our interest in this industry is to better understand and control health effects of non-thermal RF Radiation exposure.  Using “O(3) electrodynamics”  we have developed Interferemetric technologies to reduce or eliminate negative health effects from RF/MW radiation via cellular phones and other wireless products antenna systems.   After years of research we’ve concluded safe cell phone usage depends on a system of usage along with implementing necessary RF Safe Approved shielding technologies.  

Its very important consumers know the pros and cons of cell phone shields and headsets. 

Safety Standards And Tests

SAR Safety Standards
Think about this when considering low SAR phones or using shielding products tested by SAR procedures, RF Safe was the first company to publicly state that SAR standards were worthless and should not be used as criteria for determining cell phone safety.
Dial SAR To Call Cancer

The standards accepted by the U.S. FCC and other regulatory agencies worldwide are based upon the results of observing brute force effects of rf radiation and does not recognize corruption of genetic code information caused by rf interference within a living cell.  Most EM scientists believe only in the “energy deposition” theory — the brute force effects on the matter in cells, etc.  In short, if the radiation doesn’t do brute force damage or effects such as heating the tissue, then the prevailing view is that no damage has been done as accepted by SAR testing.

Considering SAR tests for human safety totally ignores the fact that the body has information and information processing, which controls the physical functions of all cellular activity.  Most of the information and its processing is done in electromagnetic form — much of it being in the “inner” electrodynamics inside the normal EM potentials, fields, and waves.  So the “information content of the EM fields inside a living cell” is ignored as any kind of target that can be disrupted by EM radiation (by the internal information content of the radiation, rather than its brute force power). The truth is that the internal information content can be disrupted, jammed, noise added, etc.  All such added microwave interference then affects the cellular control system (e.g., the cellular regeneration system).  In turn, with a “noisy EM” control system also making errors, the control of the physical functions is disarrayed. Consequently real physical damage to DNA results.

If you want to avoid RF Hazards you must avoid RF Exposure “NOT” just turn down its heating potential!

SAR safety standard deficiencies are why RF Safe approved radiation shields are tested measuring actual radiation emissions (see Video) with everyday EMF meters, instead of temperature simulating SAR procedures, simply put if you’re not exposed to radiation your in no danger from it!

Don’t be misled when reviewing shielding effectiveness claims, particularly when a product’s test results are presented as a SAR thermal reduction based upon tests using SAR equipment.

If you are considering a shielding product, this is an extremely important consideration, as is confirming that the shielding product was actually tested at the frequency and power level of your wireless product.

Phone Shielding
Deflection Versus Absorption Shielding
Both technologies have been researched, and customers need to be advised about the risks associated with using cell phone radiation shielding products that claim to absorb radiation, and RF Safe Approved radiation shields proven to deflect radiation for proper shielding. The World Health Organization advised consumers not to use cell phone radiation shields incorporating absorption technologies in 1999, supporting claims by every phone manufacturer. Products claiming to absorb cell phone radiation, cannot possibly be effective due to saturation and negative effects on output power levels.  Clearly deflection is the only approved method of blocking uncontrolled RF coming from a cell phone.  Deflection is used in RF Safe pocket, purse and handbag shields to properly avoid rf exposure.

Shielded Cell Phone Cases
Many different designs of shielded cases exist, primarily they inadequately address radiation coming from the antenna system. Some absorb radiation and others deflect radiation but the antennas are either “NOT” shielded at all or disabled by grounding out.  Neither is acceptable –  doing nothing is just that, and grounding an antenna out will increase the phones output power! The antenna is a very important part of a cell phone, its job is to distribute useable rf radiation into the area around you. It is also well known that the cell phone handset itself also acts as an antenna. So, without properly avoiding exposure or redirecting radiation from the antenna of a cell phone you should never use it against your body – “Ever”!  Clearly stating that shielding only the handset itself is not adequate for those trying to achieve maximum safety.

A air-tube headset “either a RF Safe Air-tube Headset” with a wireguard and pocket shield is the most recommended way to use a cell phone safely!

Small Adhesive
Phone Speaker Shields
After Mark Kalinowski with Good Housekeeping interviewed John Coates, founder of RF Safe , real world efforts were made to make consumers aware of misleading claims by companies manufacturing cell phone radiation shields. A year later, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed charges on February 20, 2002 against two companies selling these types of products, stating “These companies are using a shield of misrepresentation to block consumers from the facts, “said J. Howard Beales III, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “There is no scientific evidence that their products work as they claim.” 

Updates: FCC Court Action Bars Two Companies From Making False Claims About Cell Phone Shields 7/2003

Antenna Shields
Every cellular and cordless phone manufacturer warns consumers not to place anything over an extendable antenna mast, or otherwise interfere with its’ operation, any device (like flashing devices for children) designed to interfere with an extendable antenna mast will cause a phone to increase its’ output power, and some products can create a very serious exposure problem.  The exception is when the phone is near your body, doing nothing is just as bad! Just like phone shields, antenna shielding must be researched too. Some products use deflection and others absorption which is not recommended at all, while the best method is to waveguide rf into a safe interference pattern by using an Interferemetric Array antenna system. The problem is these new high tech antenna control systems are only available for a couple phone models.  If you are using a cell phone without a controllable antenna mast – a shielded hands 6.00 headset and proper apparel shielding must be used together for maximum RF safety.



Apparel Shielding
Pocket, Pants And Purse Shields
This is where wireless technology and Apparel truly begin a future with each other.  Just like all the other shields promoted, these applications contain an absorbent or conductive shielding material. Levi Strauss & Co. has launched a line of Dockers® with pockets designed to absorb radiation from wireless products using “MDF”.

RF Safe offers shields to deflect radiation by keeping a shield between you and a wireless device. RF Safe’s design easily slips into any pocket or handbag to safely deflect RF radiation away, a swivel Belt-Clip shield is offered for easy safe belt access when using a shielded headset or for safe keeping on stand-by.

Headset Shielding
Headset Radiation
RF Safe was the first company to advise the world about the risks associated with using a cell phone headset. The below statement was posted on the home page of in Oct 1998

“If you represent a cellular store or carrier, you have an obligation to provide safety for your customers. Stop pushing Hands 6.00 Kits for radiation safety and remove information from your web pages/advertising claiming rf safety immediately! YOU’RE PUTTING PEOPLE AT GREATER RISK!! Education In RF Safety Must Be Provided!! The World Health Organization saw headsets as a threat a long time ago and despite this because of media like 20/20 who journalistically misleads 100’s of millions of people by not researching what they’re reporting to be safer, is no reason to jeopardize the safety of your customers! It’s time to evaluate your corporate missions “People Before Profits”! Cell phones, like most things that have risk, can be safer with education in cell phone safety & RF Safe Approved Safety Technologies!”

It was only a matter of time before RF Safe could adequately address the concerns of a headset wire acting as an antenna, by using a wireguard with regular headsets or models with an air tube design. A major part of hands free safety is how to hold the cell phone safe in hands free mode using a pocket, purse or handbag shield. 

Its very important consumers know the pros and cons of headsets.  Now that headsets are required in some states for hands free driving consumers must understand how to minimize all risk.

Concern #1:  Tests prove a cell phone headset wire does act as an antenna.  Which could increase radiation channeled into a person’s ear canal. Test found the brain was subjected to 3 times as much radiation when a headset is used.

Solution #1 Accessories: Small wire ferrite suppressor and Ear Bud Shields, Air-tube headsets like the RF Safe Headset are most recommended to shield.

SCP Usage:  By clipping our ferrite on a cell phone headset wire this impedes unwanted frequency exposure.  To prevent microwave exposure outside the ferrites impedance capabilities from reaching the brain we offer Ear Bud Shields “for wired Headsets” or  RF Safe Air-tube Headset that uses an air tube rather than a wire to connect the earpiece to speaker.

Concern #2: When a cell phone is placed on a belt or in a pocket or purse while using a hands 6.00 headset this will expose many vital organs to high frequency microwaves.

Solution #2 Accessories: Body Shielding – Pocket Shield, Purse Shield or belt-clip shield.

SCP Usage: The objective is to simply place a protective barrier between you and the cell phone.   We offer RF Shielding Fabric suited for this purpose, either with or without lamination.


Headset Ferrites
Conventional ferrites, such as chokes or toroids, are designed to prevent unwanted radiation frequency interference (RFI) and their specifications are always presented as resistance (in OHMS). RF Safe WireGuards “ferrites” offer impedance levels through the range of 30MHz into the GHz range, tested with a HP4191A Hewlett Packard Impedance Analyzer connected to a headset wire.  Consumers should be aware that many companies are selling these ferrites at extremely inflated prices (as much as 29.99ea) by hiding the fact they are just ordinary small wire ferrites with a retail value of $10. They are marked up 300% above their true value once employed as a safety measure.  This is not a very ethical business practice and buyers should be alert to these scams.

Air Tube Headsets
These products have a small plastic tube that separates a headset wire from the earpiece about 8 to 10 inches depending on brand choice. This is not a solution by itself but a good start at reducing exposure to the head. At the earpiece radiation will be lower due to the elimination of the headset wire, just as phone RF declines over distance. As indicated above, the wire itself acts as an antenna and must be shielded with an inexpensive ferrite to reduce RF exposure.

RF Safe Air-tube Headset Models –
RF Safe Air-tube Anti-radiation Headset

NOTE: none of the health effects attributed to cell phone or headset radiation have been found to be thermally induced and is why even the smallest exposure levels may have very harmful health effects.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless headsets replace the wire normally found on a headset with a transmitter and receiver. They can represent a greater health risk than a wired headset, particularly when their frequencies are within Bluetooth or 3G operating specifications. In addition to the wireless headsets operating within Bluetooth or 3G frequency ranges are models using IR frequencies – very low RF levels like a TV remote control! These IR style headsets offer reduced exposure while having no wires hooked to your body when driving or in the office. 

A air-tube headset with a wireguard and pocket shield is the most recommended hands free use!

Car Antennas
Because most vehicles have metal roofs and largely come with factory tinted glass, new studies support your vehicle can act as a Faraday cage and concentrating reflector, amplifying RF density like a microwave oven.

The above information is supplied to support RF Safe’s mission to educate consumers about cell phone safety & RF Hazards!

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