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Cell Phones Increase RF Radiation Output Inside Of Vehicles – Faraday Effect

Vehicular Faraday Effect

Increased RF radiation inside a vehicle

Because most vehicles have metal roofs and, for the most part, come with factory tinted glass, your vehicle can act as a Faraday cage and concentrating reflector. This allows your vehicle to amplify RF wave density just like a microwave oven, without allowing the RF radiation to escape through the metal body and tinted glass. This has the effect of concentrating the microwaves into your body at  much higher EM intensities. It’s highly recommended that you use an antenna kit or car kit to “wave guide” (transport) the RF Radiation outside of your vehicle to prevent amplification of the microwave effect.


Radiation gets trapped in your car via The Faraday Effect.  Research has now shown that use of a cell phone inside your car without a properly mounted car antenna can amplify and increase the radiation levels by up to ten times (x 10)
Cell Phone Radiation In Car

Using your cell phone in the car is not only a hazard because it can result in not paying attention to the road. Tests that we here at RF Safe have done conclude that none of the cell phone protection products do much good when using a cell phone in a metal enclosed vehicle.  

YOU MUST USE AN EXTERNAL MOUNT ANTENNA to send and receive RF outside of the vehicle!

Many newer phones do NOT support the use of hard-wired external mount vehicle antennas.

Regardless of the cell phone make or model, to keep a cell phone operating at its lowest power output level (when several cell phones could be in a vehicle at the same time), the best you can do is to install a Cell Phone Car Mount Passive Repeater Antenna. This will keep any smartphones inside a vehicle from using their highest levels of RF radiation to communicate with a cell phone tower, when a Faraday effect is the cause of the weak signal connection.

Smartphone Radiation In CarCurrents Flowing On A Vehicle With Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle.
Cell Phone Rear View Mount Antenna RadiationNear-Fields Inside An Automobile With Antenna In Rear View Mirror 
Human RF Exposure Increases In CarCurrents Flowing On A Person With An Antenna Located Inside The Vehicle 


Often you will take your cell phone into different environments, some of which, like small metal enclosed areas, effect the operation of your cell phone. These environments often cause the cell phone to operate at it’s highest power output levels, and can amplify EMF power densities surrounding the cell phone user.

This Environment includes: Cars, Buses, Motor Homes and any other place you find yourself inside and in close proximity to conductive walls that reflect microwave emissions.

Simply put, conductive surroundings act as concentrating reflectors like the cooking cavity of a microwave oven. When inside a metal enclosure, Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR) gets trapped inside the conductive walls creating what is scientifically called a “Faraday Cage”

The Faraday Cage was named after the man who discovered it, Dr. Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Dr. Faraday is known as the inventor of modern EMF (Electromagnetic Field) principles.

The Faraday Cage Effect means that the electric charge on a conductor sits on it’s outer surface, demonstrating that radio waves cannot penetrate a Faraday cage by creating a charged reflective barrier blocking RF radiation.

The Bottom Left Picture shows RF radiation trapped in a car when the transmitting antenna is located inside the car. The Bottom Right Picture shows how easy the RF hazard can be eliminated by using a Hard Wired External Antenna.

Cell Phone Radiation In Car


Rf Radiation From Cell Phone Outside Car

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