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Understanding Radio Frequency Wave Interference

Radio Frequency Wave Interference

A natural/balanced approach for safety

The below images depict Interference of visible RF  waves “light”. Cell phones use non-visible RF waves “Microwaves”.  The only difference between visible light waves and microwaves are their wavelengths. Microwaves used for cell phone communication have a much longer wavelength making them easy to control interference patterns with precise placement of counter acting radiating elements “Duel Antennas”.  This duel antenna anti-wave approach utilizes natures

Quantum balance that opposites attract in search of a neutral existence. 


dual_wave_nointrfsmAni.gif (60721 bytes) dual_wavesmAni.gif (62694 bytes)

This picture does not show an interference pattern.  It is simply the concentric waves of two points sources drawn in the same plane.  Contrast this with the image to the right

This is the interference pattern of two waves.  The two waves add or subtract to form the light and dark regions of the interference pattern

dual_wave3DsmAni.gif (114670 bytes)

Waves are not simple two dimensional objects.  When they interfere with each other, peaks and valleys are formed.  Many interference patterns look like two-dimensional systems of light and dark bands because they are being viewed from above.  In this picture the system tilted so it can be viewed from the side.


RF Radiation is a natural part of the universe. The electromagnetic spectrum is divided into ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, with very short wavelengths, like X-rays and ultraviolet light, which have enough power to knock electrons off their orbits. These bands have the ability to do permanent damage at the cellular level, causing cancers and genetic mutations. 

It has been known for decades that the human anatomy is resonant with certain EMF –or in other words “our bodies act as a perfect antenna for commonly used radio frequencies” , and that our bodies reach peak absorption in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) ranges, right where television and cellular-phone transmissions occur. The FCC standards for radio-frequency emissions are based on thermal effects measured in SAR, or the RFs’ ability to heat tissue, in the same way a microwave oven cooks food.

But the case for non-thermal hazards from RFs is substantial. Decades of research have found alarming effects: numerous cancers, immune system suppression, and birth defects, among others. Some research has found detrimental effects based on frequency alone, not on power density. And bioelectromagnetics researchers often note puzzling “nonlinear effects,” which indicate that the most profound bio-reactions occur at the lowest exposures. This body of research argues for fewer towers.

Non-ionizing radiation–emitted by power-lines, radios, TVs, cellular phones, microwave ovens, and many other sources–consists of longer wavelengths that can have less power, and has mistakenly been assumed to be harmless, apart from its ability to heat tissue. We have encircled the earth and infused the atmosphere with these non-ionizing bands in ways that don’t exist in nature using abnormal exposure strengths and unusual characteristics such as alternating current, digital signaling, modulation, and odd wave forms–all without understanding the full bio-effects. One thing is for sure, RF radiation is becoming better understood and controlled through understanding Quantum Physics.

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