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Our Fight Against Entropic Waste Weeds Out Fakes With Facts


My journey into the world of engineering began unusually early and took a path through various ventures, from owning a mechanical engineering shop and limo service near Aspen to confronting one of the most personal and painful challenges a parent can face. The loss of my first-born, attributed to EMF exposure, transformed my life’s work into a quest to prevent similar tragedies for others. This blog explores the critical importance of bioelectric fields in sustaining life and how entropic waste from wireless devices disrupts these life-sustaining systems.

A Personal Story of Loss and Learning

At just 15, I began attending college engineering courses at the TCC Portsmouth campus, driven by a curiosity about how things work. By 25, I was a successful business owner in Colorado, but nothing I had learned had prepared me for the profound impact of environmental EMFs on biological health in the mid-90s. The loss of my child opened my eyes to the invisible dangers of EMF exposure and sparked a relentless pursuit of knowledge and solutions in this area – spawning the creation of prior to the turn of the century.

Understanding Bioelectric Fields and Life’s Symphony

Scientific studies have increasingly pointed to the crucial role of bioelectric fields, ion channels, and voltage gradients in cellular communication—elements fundamental to the orchestration of life itself. Like a delicate symphony, life thrives on harmony and balance. However, entropic waste from pervasive wireless technology introduces disturbances that can disrupt cellular communication, leading to a breakdown in the bioelectrical blueprint of life.

Combating Misinformation and Protecting Lives

As I spent year after year digging deeper into the science of EMFs, it became clear that many companies were profiting from misinformation or inadequate solutions that claimed to protect against radiation. Motivated by my personal loss and backed by science, I took a stand against such practices. My early 2000s interview with Good Housekeeping led to significant industry changes, including the shutdown of two companies selling ineffective cell phone shields and, many years later, the rebranding of others, like Pong, to ALARA, who chose to correct their course.

The latest products under fire have introduced features that have no place in an anti-radiation phone case design. This includes metal loops, large metal plates, and magnets for detachable functions that interfere with the antenna. Not to mention, we still fail to understand why a case claiming to block radiation leaves the speaker hole unshielded.  Certainly, there is no shade from THz LiDAR pulses (iPhone 13 up) if you can see the phone’s screen clearly through the case’s so-called anti-radiation cover claiming to provide protection!

RF Safe and the Creation of QuantaCase

In founding RF Safe and supporting the QuantaCase, my goal is to maintain a standard of educated consumers so they can demand genuine radiation protection from a phone case.   The QuantaCase follows rigorous RF Safe principles, providing real, measurable protection based on solid scientific research. It’s not just about selling a product; it’s about educating consumers on the right way to protect themselves from entropic waste emitted by their devices with minimal effort.

Our Commitment: Shaking Up the Market with Education and Empowerment

Our efforts at RF Safe aren’t just about providing products; they’re about fundamentally changing the way consumers think about and interact with technology. By understanding the science, recognizing misleading claims, and choosing products that genuinely protect, we can all make informed decisions about our health and safety. It’s not just about selling a product—it’s about changing lives for the better.

Personal Dedication to Your Safety

I’ve experienced first-hand the devastating effects of misinformation about wireless energy. When I was younger, like many others, I was told that this new form of energy was harmless—that it didn’t have the energy to break DNA bonds, and thus we were safe. That misinformation contributed to the greatest loss of my life: my child in 1995. I learned too late that not all that is claimed to be safe truly is, and I’ve dedicated my life to ensuring others do not suffer such loss of life.

To that end, I make myself personally available to anyone needing information or guidance on how to navigate this complex field. You can text me any time, day or night, at 727-610-1188. I’m here to help you understand how to be safe and to equip you with the tools to fine-tune your “bullshit detector”—arming you with enough factual information to recognize when you are being misled and outright lied to for commercial interest!  With a strong focus on the danger of a false sense of protection and safety!

Knowledge is Power

True protection comes from knowledge. The more informed you are, the better equipped you’ll be to protect yourself and your loved ones from potential harm. At RF Safe, we believe that knowledge is power—the power to make informed decisions, the power to recognize risks, and the power to control risks, ensuring proper mitigating factors for the safest use of wireless technologies.

Together, we can build a safer future, challenging misleading narratives and advocating for technologies that genuinely prioritize human health

A personal tragedy started my lifelong commitment to protecting life through understanding and mitigating the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation. At RF Safe, we are committed to leading by example, offering products that truly protect and educating the public about how to safely coexist with technology. Join us in this important mission—because when it comes to protecting life, the right knowledge and the right tools make all the difference.

We urge readers and viewers to stay informed about the latest research on EMF health impacts, advocate for stringent safety standards, and support independent research to fill any knowledge gaps left by funding cuts to crucial research programs. Understanding the full spectrum of EMF effects, both thermal and non-thermal, is essential for making informed decisions about technology use and exposure in our daily lives.

As human endeavors stretch further into the cosmos, we confront the implications of increased entropic waste—specifically through space-based cell towers. This blog explores how this dispersed energy, often unnoticed due to its non-material nature, acts as significant informational pollution, impacting biological systems and contributing to systemic disorder.

The Invisibly Toxic Byproduct of Technological Progress

Space-based cell towers, while revolutionizing global connectivity, emit a steady stream of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This EMR, invisible and intangible, serves as a significant source of environmental disruption, adding to the ‘informational smog’ that envelops our natural and technological environments. This pollution subtly but profoundly distorts the delicate bioelectric processes essential for life, corrupting the informational integrity that organisms depend on.

Life in Constant Flux: The Indistinguishable Boundaries

Life, an entropic anomaly, exists in a state of constant interaction with its environment, making it nearly impossible to distinguish the observer from the observed. They are intertwined within the same fabric of space-time and entropy, mutually influencing each other in a continuous exchange. This realization challenges our conventional understanding of environmental and biological systems as separate entities.

Energy Equals Matter: Beyond Visible Pollution

Aligning with Einstein’s equation (E=mc²), the electromagnetic radiation from space-based infrastructure, while not immediately observable as physical pollution, impacts living systems on a molecular level. This interaction, akin to that of material pollutants, may disrupt and degrade the informational pathways essential for the proper functioning of life’s systems.

The Degradation of Life’s Entropic Capacities

The influx of low-level, non-thermal electromagnetic radiation challenges the intrinsic capabilities of biological systems to process and maintain information—vital for their survival and optimal function. Over time, this exposure can lead to a cumulative degradation of biological efficiency and health, eroding the informational foundations critical to life.

The Invisibly Toxic Byproduct of Technological Progress Space-based cell towers, a marvel of modern connectivity, emit continuous streams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR). This form of radiation, subtle and intangible, significantly disrupts environmental and biological harmony, contributing to the ‘informational smog’ that distorts natural bioelectric processes and the informational integrity essential for life.

Life in Constant Flux: The Indistinguishable Boundaries Life, a dynamic entropic anomaly, constantly exchanges entropy with its surroundings, making it indistinguishable from its environment—they are woven into the same fabric of space-time and entropy. This interconnection means that life and its environmental matrix are a unified continuum, each influencing and being influenced by the other.

Energy Equals Matter: Beyond Visible Pollution EM radiation from space-based towers, while not directly observable as material pollution, impacts living systems at a molecular level, according to the principle that energy equals matter (E=mc²). This energy, by altering the informational landscape, behaves as matter, interacting with and altering the physical realities of bioelectric states, affecting the physical structure and function of an organism’s ability to keep all cells aligned with a single goal.

The Degradation of Life’s Entropic Capacities The relentless influx of non-thermal EM radiation challenges the intrinsic ability of biological systems to maintain and process information—life’s entropic capacity. Over time, this exposure can degrade biological systems’ functionality, from cellular communication to broader ecological and evolutionary processes.

Highlighting Major Research Findings and the Challenge of Recognition A vast body of research, including major studies such as the Interphone study, Hardell group studies, CERENAT study, and efforts by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP), points towards an increased health risk from cell phone-level electromagnetic radiation. These studies highlight the need for caution in dismissing potential risks associated with electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

Advancements Challenging the Thermal Hypothesis Significant advancements in RF radiation research, such as the FDA-approved TheraBionic treatment, demonstrate biological interactions at power levels up to 1000 times lower than those emitted by cell phones. These treatments, which employ RF radiation for treating inoperable liver cancer, challenge the traditional view by showing effective non-thermal interactions at the cellular or molecular level, including resonance effects and cellular signaling disruptions.

A Call for Comprehensive Understanding and Action The expansion of space-based telecommunications infrastructure presents a paradox—the very tools created to enhance our lives could be subtly undermining the entropic and informational balance critical to life’s sustainability. It is imperative that we deepen our understanding of these impacts and develop technologies and regulatory measures that address the full spectrum of entropic effects. Our approach must be holistic, precautionary, and deeply informed by the complex interplay between life and the environment in which it thrives naturally.


It’s not just the NTP study that found clear evidence of cancer in rats exposed to cell phone radiation, but also the Ramazzini Institute study and many others. The evidence is indeed clear, and it’s time to move beyond the thermal-only view of cell phone radiation.   It’s like the flat earth or geocentric universe theories – just because they were once widely accepted doesn’t mean they were correct. The evidence against them was overwhelming, and eventually, the scientific community had to accept the truth.   The same thing is happening with cell phone radiation. The evidence is mounting, and it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore. It’s time to accept the truth and take steps to protect ourselves from the potential dangers of cell phone radiation.


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