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RF Safe F-Series vs G-Series Phone Radiation Cases


RF Safe offers two different styles of premium quality phone cases designed to provide the highest level of protection from potentially dangerous Smartphone radiation. The methodology used for providing the most effective way to reduce excessive phone radiation exposure has not changed. The F-Series (Folio) and G-Series (Graphene) both use a shielded front flip cover […]

RF Safe swiftly moves graphene from research lab to consumer marketplace with health conscious smartphone case

For those of you new to the hottest trend in most scientific journals, is a material derived from standard graphite, like the kind found in everyday pencils. But when graphite is shaved to extreme thinness; it is the thinnest material known, and behaves in truly astonishing ways. Graphene is, basically, a single atomic layer of graphite; […]

RF Safe Prepares for Launch of Graphene Based Nanomaterials Manufacturing Division


RF Safe, world-leader in cell phone radiation shielding is providing advanced scientific research into new classes of Nanoscale Graphene-based materials poised to revolutionize RFR/EMI shielding industries. Touted as ‘the wonder material of the 21st Century’ by the researchers who were awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in physics for their graphene research, this carbon-based lightweight material […]