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RF Safe Deluxe Cell Phone Radiation Safety Package: Reduce Cancer Risk

RF Safe has packaged five very essential cell phone radiation safety accessories for maximum phone radiation protection and consumer savings. Limited time offer – Save $20 and Get Free Shipping World Wide PRWEB March 06, 2014 RF Safe (http://www.rfsafe.com) The world’s premier provider of cell phone radiation protection accessories and informational safety data has created […]

Ferrite Beads Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Health Hazards From Wired Hands-free Headsets

RF Safe has a simple clip-on device under $4.00 to reduce cell phone radiation from wired headsets that help people safely comply with laws in most states in America which require a headset or other hands-free device while driving and talking on a phone. RF Safe has posted on its website a list of states […]

RF Safe Cell Phone Radiation Shield, Ferrite Bead and Air-tube Headsets Reduce Smartphone Radiation Risk

RF Safe safest cell phone radiation accessory packages

Amid concerns raised over cell phone health hazards, RF Safe launches New Year’s Eve “National Awareness Campaign” for cell phone accessory package that shields cell phone radiation. San Francisco, CA  December 31, 2013 RF Safe, the world leaders in cell phone radiation safety have launched a national campaign on New Year’s Eve 2013 in order […]

RF Radiation Safe Air Tube Headset RF Safe Headset

The RF Safe Air Tube Headset with air tube acoustic technology keeps potentially harmful radiation away from your head. The Safest Headset In The World! Next Generation RF Safe Air Tube Headsets Ear Bud The RF Safe Air Tube headset was developed with air tube acoustic technology to keep potentially harmful radiation away from your […]

RF Safe ferrite beads shield wired headset radiation

The Wire Guard suppresses radiation transferred up the headset wire to the earpiece without affecting sound quality. Combined with a air tube headset and pocket shield hands free is safer than ever! “See RFS Gold Package“! Every Cell Phone Needs To BE RF Safe! RFS Headset Radiation Shields are a add-on accessory that can be […]