Cell Phones May Damage Nerves In The Scalp

Cell Phones May Damage Nerves In The Scalp Reuters Journalist: Amy Norton August 15, 2000 As cellular phones become ubiquitous, their status as a possible health threat–either as a distraction to drivers or a potential cause of brain tumors–is gaining more attention. Now, investigators say there is evidence that cell phones may damage nerves in […]

Cell Phones: We Need More Testing

Cell Phones: We Need More Testing Business Week Journalist: Norm Alster August 14, 2000 Back in the early 1980s, there were 35 researchers at the Environmental Protection Agency exploring the biological effects of radiation from cell phones and other devices. But by 1987, budget cuts had shut the program down. Since then, the Federal Communications […]

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue

Cell Phone Health Studies Continue Medill News Service Journalist: Katherine Hunt August 11, 2000 It’s too soon to say whether radio frequency emissions from cellular phones cause adverse health effects, including brain cancer, say scientists at a recent Food and Drug Association conference. “The scientific community is in agreement that [prior] research [shows cell phones] […]

Watchdog Stands By CellPhones Warning

Watchdog Stands By CellPhones Warning The Scotsman Journalist: Alison Gray August 09, 2000 The Consumers’ Association yesterday stood by its warning that hands-free cellphone kits can triple the level of radiation beamed into the ear.The group’s statement came as the Department of Trade and Industry published a report which said the devices produced “substantial reductions” […]

Mobile Phones Safety Muddle

Mobile Phones Safety Muddle Daily Mail August 08, 2000 Mobile phone users face further anxiety and confusion today over the safety of hands-6.00 kits. An official Government report will give earpieces the all-clear and say they limit exposure to potentially dangerous radiation. But last night other safety experts condemned the findings as ‘misleading’ and said […]

Physicist Joins Mobile Phone Critics

Physicist Joins Mobile Phone Critics The West Australian Journalist: David Utting August 08, 2000 In August 2000, more warnings are being sounded about the dangers of mobile phone use. British physicist, Barrie Trower, says that mobile phones should be used as infrequently as possible, as it is certain that the low-level radiation they emit causes […]

CellPhone Fears : Malignant Or Benign

CellPhone Fears: Malignant Or Benign Wired News Journalist: Elisa Batista August 04, 2000 Two days after cellphone manufacturers started including radio frequency radiation information on the packaging of their products, a Maryland neurologist with brain cancer Thursday filed an $800 million lawsuit for not having this information beforehand. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Associations, which represents […]

Jury Still Out on Cell Phone Risk

Jury Still Out on Cell Phone Risk Reuters August 01, 2000 The US Food and Drug Administration is meeting Tuesday to discuss the links between cellphones and cancer. Meanwhile, a panel of experts concludes that currently, there is not enough evidence to link wireless phones to brain cancer, but there is sufficient research to raise […]

Your Cell Really Safe?

Is Your Cellphone Really Safe? Newsweek Journalists: Claudia Kalb And Karen Springen July 30, 2000 Dialing For Cancer? A New Study Says Risks From Cell Phones Remains Unclear A controversial new article renews concerns about health hazards Shari Welsh can’t imagine life without her cell. She brings it everywhere—biking through the hills, driving in the […]

Heads Get The Call For Ban On Student’s Cell Phone’s

Heads Get The Call For Ban On Student’s Cell Phone’s The Express July 27, 2000 David Blunkett is urging all head teachers to prohibit pupils from using mobile phones except in emergencies and to restrict general use to those aged 16 and over. The Education Secretary’s written guidance follows the findings of the Government’s own […]

PR, Radiation And Bad Science

PR, Radiation And Bad Science Australian IT Journalist: Stewart Fist July 25, 2000 This is the Information Age. Right? And Australia is the Lucky Country, the Smart Country, or the Knowledge Nation, depending on which academic, lobbyist or politician you talk to. Meanwhile, Kim Beazley’s Labor Party has put out to pasture the only science […]

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones?

Would Mad Cows Use Mobile Phones? IT Director July 24, 2000 It’s niggling doubt time. Do mobile phones push out harmful radiation or not? Let’s ask the scientists. Trouble is, can we trust them? It isn’t a case of corruption, but contradictory evidence that is then used by our own, dear politicians to promote their […]

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