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RF Safe Parenting 101

Radiation Safety System

RF  Safe preparing you for the zombie cell phone apocalypse of the 20th Century. 20 years of research lead to the making of the BEST RF Protection on the market. Are you RF Safe?   As a mother I always want to know everything that could be harmful to my child and how to protect […]

MOTHERS Pregnancy Stage and Fetal Position Affects Baby’s Radiation Exposure

On August 7 2014, the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine published a study done jointly by the  Institut Mines-Telecom and Orange, France.  The study gives insight into theoretically flawed standards indicating acceptable thermal absorption levels on a human fetus using microwave radiation at 2100 MHz  — a frequency band commonly used in consumer wireless devices. […]

Cell Phone Hazards – RF Radiation induced birth defect abnormalities in embryos.

UPDATE 2014: The BabySafe Project, a new public awareness initiative designed to inform women about wireless radiation exposure and pregnancy. If you missed the June 3rd press conference, you can watch the video here. MOTHERS Pregnancy Stage and Fetal Position Affects Baby’s Radiation Exposure August 9, 2014 I am convinced that the Neural Tube Defect (NTD) […]

My Daughter In Heaven, Angel Leigh Coates (A Tragedy of EMF’s)

 Angel Leigh Coates 1995-1995   Archived text and images from the first post on rfsafe.com website 1998 First of all, I must express my thank you for visiting RF Safe.  Every hit this site receives makes our mission that much stronger! “The preservation of life and well-being for all humanity.” John’s Dedication “rfsafe.com was formed […]