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Archived text and images from first post on website 1998

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“The preservation of life and well being for all humanity.”

John’s Dedication
“ was formed in dedication to Angel Leigh Coates 1995-95 (A Tragedy Of EMF’s) to forever perpetuate her innocent love and purpose on earth as long as I exist!  Now, she is a true Angel in heaven – I feel she guides me closer to God, even helps me understand, I must also be thankful for my daughters memory, and thank God for giving me a part in his divine plan!”

John’s Vision
“To become a self supportive charity for mankind to lessen or leave no impact on the environment and life from the use of new technologies, putting safety first!”
–Founder, John Coates  -1998

angel1ddI’m John Coates, founder of RF Safe, my life changed in an unimaginable way on July 23, 1995. When my wife gave birth to a part of us, the beautiful thing we call life only lasted 15 minutes for my daughter, Angel Leigh Coates – she gasped for life with nothing we could do. We held her telling her how much we loved her and prayed for a miracle to save her life. There was nothing we could do and every minute seemed like a million years of pain. This was solely the most painful day of my life. I found peace knowing she lives in heaven with God! She’s kept in our prayers always and her purpose I will pray it is someday completely understood, and never forgotten!

After arrangements were made for my daughter, I spoke with many more doctor’s from around the world to learn about the NTD (Neural Tube Disorder), Anencephaly, which is the most serious of NTD’s. The other being spina bifida that is less deadly but in many cases life crippling.

Most doctor’s told us it was unknown what caused NTD’s but an average prevalence rate for NTDs is 1 per 1,000 babies born in the US. (average 5 in 100 with birth defects) The US Government finally started tracking cases of NTD’s in the US as of 1996, trying to find out the reasoning behind them being on the rise.

Doctor’s also informed us this condition would probably happen again with our next child, if Tamara did not take higher doses of Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid.  (Note no family history of this ever happening before) They said with the B12 supplement taken before and while pregnant, our chances of having a healthy child were increased by 90%. Something you should know is the FDA made it mandatory that grain in the US had to be fortified with higher contents of B12/Folic Acid In 1998!

Okay, Vitamin B12 and what does it do in the body? These were the first fundamental questions that led to the base of my EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) health effects research starting in 1995. Vitamin B12’s trace element is cobalt. B12 in the body also is turned into methylcobalamin, which effectively transports methyl groups (-CH3) to proteins in the myelin, the insulating layer which together with fatty acids surround the nerves, this delivers protection to the nervous system and cells protecting them, like insulation on jumper cables, preventing environmental EMF’s from disrupting biological processes.

Cobalt itself is naturally magnetic with unusually high permeability to magnetic fields. (Cobalt is used in many EMF shielding products for this reason) Amazingly we are just learning what nature has unseeingly already known. By stopping EMF’s from disrupting normal biological processes, we can prevent DNA damage which leads to healthy cell division. {Click here to see effects of cell phone radiation on your DNA}.

angel leigh coatesTHE SMOKING GUN FOR RF SAFE

This is a study showing the same thing that happened to our little girl that happened to embryos when exposed to electromagnetic radiation. – This report shows the exact same NTD that affected our baby. Click here to see reports on EMF’s causing NTD’s

I have come to the conclusion that electromagnetic radiation is killing us, causing hundreds maybe thousands of medical disorders, this including the one that took the life of my newborn child. One thing that has happened is I feel and see the miracle I asked for many years ago to save our daughters life. The miracle came in the understanding why this could have happened to our baby, and how you can prevent it from happening to you and anyone you know too.

By knowing you must be RF Safe, staying out of the way of harmful EMF’s & Chemicals, protecting yourself, by either shielding or staying away from products that emit harmful EMF’s!  Using the knowledge that a balanced nutritious diet can prevent harmful EMF effects and boost your bodies defenses.

My company “RF Safe” will provide every means possible for you to be able to protect yourself and your family via the knowledge & products for protection from the EMF’s in our environment. But at the same token, some EMF’s have shown healing properties at certain frequencies, driving RF Safe for a better understanding of electromagnetic frequencies in general and their health effects.

Be RF Safe and tell your loved ones to be RF Safe too! If you plan to be pregnant and are exposed to products that emit high EMF’s, or in a EMF saturated area, (such as computer desk stations or telecommunications industries) Talk to your doctor about taking B12 and Folic Acid to help your body prevent EMF damage.


John R Coates

PS. Please share the information of dangers from electromagnetic radiation! 100’s of millions of people have been brain washed that these EMF’s pose no threat. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!! Stay informed because without opposition, hundreds of products are going to continue to be harmful to us. Pass The Word! PLEASE BE RF SAFE!!!!