Phone Sound Comparison: Nokia X30 Vs Samsung Galaxy A34

Phone Sound Comparison: Nokia X30 vs Samsung Galaxy A34

When it comes to phone sound, the Nokia X30 and Samsung Galaxy A34 have some notable similarities and differences.

Phone sound Comparison
Nokia X30
Samsung Galaxy A34
sound Loudspeaker
Yes Yes, with stereo speakers
sound 3.5mm Jack
No No
sound Loudspeaker Test
-27.5 LUFS (Good)
Sound Review
Review Nokia X30 Sound Review Review Samsung Galaxy A34 Sound Review

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Loudspeaker: Both phones boast a loudspeaker, with the Samsung Galaxy A34 even featuring stereo speakers. This means that both phones can deliver good sound quality when playing music or videos out loud.

3.5mm Jack: Unfortunately, neither phone comes with a 3.5mm jack, which means users will need to rely on Bluetooth headphones or dongles to listen to audio privately.

Loudspeaker Test: In terms of loudspeaker performance, the Nokia X30 has an impressive score of -27.5 LUFS, while the Samsung Galaxy A34’s loudspeaker performance has not been tested.

Sound Review: Both phones have been reviewed for sound quality. The Nokia X30’s sound quality review is positive, with good clarity and volume. The Samsung Galaxy A34’s sound quality review is also generally positive, with the stereo speakers providing excellent sound.

Additional Considerations: When making a purchasing decision, consumers should also consider other factors such as price, design, camera quality, and battery life. The Nokia X30 and Samsung Galaxy A34 also differ in these areas, with the Nokia X30 being more affordable and having a unique circular camera design, while the Samsung Galaxy A34 has a higher price point and a more traditional camera setup.

Overall, the Nokia X30 and Samsung Galaxy A34 both have good sound quality, with the Nokia X30 having an edge in loudspeaker performance. Consumers should weigh their priorities in terms of sound, as well as other features and price, to determine which phone is the best fit for them.

Full Specs Comparison For Nokia X30 vs Samsung Galaxy A34

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