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Lowest to Highest Radiation Phones FCC SAR Tested In 2017

Lowest Radiation Cell Phones of 2017 (All Brands)

For Head SAR testing in 2017, which smartphone had the lowest radiation levels? According to FCC test reports, the phone with the lowest Head SAR rating was 0.26 W/kg (16.25% of the 1.6 W/kg limit), while the phone with the highest SAR rating had a value of 1.14 W/kg (71.25% of the limit). This reveals a 338.46% difference between the lowest and highest SAR values.

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Head SAR
SAR RankPhone ModelHead SAR Value% Legal Limit
Google Pixel 2 XL 0.26 W/kg16.25%
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 0.41 W/kg25.63%
Google Pixel 2 0.92 W/kg57.5%
Apple iPhone X 1.08 W/kg67.5%
apple-iphone-8-plus sar
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 1.09 W/kg68.13%
Apple iPhone 8 1.14 W/kg71.25%

Lowest: Google Pixel 2 XL

Highest: Apple iPhone 8

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