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How to Install a Ferrite Bead

mailbag-How- to-install-ferrite-bead-smartphone- headset-cord-rfsafe

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating how to install a ferrite bead in your headset cord. Ferrite Beads are used to prevent the majority of high frequency radiation from traveling up the headset cord over your body and into your ears and on . Ferrite beads have been featured in mainstream news many times over the […]

Do Laptop Radiation Shields Really Work?

Hello! This is another is a series of videos in which I will be answering questions submitted to RF Safe by Email. A fairly common question we get is whether or not it’s necessary to have a radiation-protective shield for your laptop, and why RF Safe hasn’t offered one in over 20 years even though […]

Is 5G Radiation Killing Trees?


Today’s question: Will trees die from exposure to 5G radiation? This is a very intriguing question, as RF Safe has done their own in-house experiments using seacrest seeds exposed to WiFi radiation. More videos are popping up showing evidence of 5g hazards in the news media, such as I am about to show you from […]

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