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How to Install a Ferrite Bead

In this video, I’ll be demonstrating how to install a ferrite bead in your headset cord.

Ferrite Beads are used to prevent the majority of high frequency radiation from traveling up the headset cord over your body and into your ears and on . Ferrite beads have been featured in mainstream news many times over the years as a way to virtually eliminate cell phone radiation from traveling up headphone cords into your ears, and have been recommended by scientists and engineers alike for their radiation-blocking properties.

Even the well-respected Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Director of the Center for Family and Community Health at the School of Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley has recommended them on his web site, linking to major media reports about their effectiveness.

Ferrites are comprised of an iron-oxide/nickel mix, and iron-oxide, as you may know, is what rust consists of. How cool is it that something as ugly as rust can do such a beautiful job protecting you from cell phone radiation!

It is very easy to install these beads, and I will show you how in just a moment.

Even though this ferrite bead comes highly recommended by leading professionals within the cell phone radiation protection saga, RF Safe would like to let you know that ferrite beads ability to block radiation is frequency dependent.

The higher the frequency, the less effective. This means in 2005, when the first studies were done, they provided great protection. At best, today it should be considered a sunblock for the headset wire as a good analogy, because by the time the world is 100% dependent on 5G, they will offer no benefit due to 5G’s much higher frequency.

This accessory, like all the others, is not a single solution to keeping you safe from RF radiation. Understanding a system of safe cell phone usage, and what accessories play a role in it, is vital to ensuring that you receive the maximum level of protection you can get. Learn more about RF Safe’s smart phone safety plan, formerly known as our Safe cell phone system at RFsafe

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