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The RF Safe website was founded by John Coates in dedication to his daughter, Angel Leigh Coates, who passed away in 1995 due to a neural tube disorder called Anencephaly. Coates began researching the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) on the body after his daughter’s death and concluded that EMR was potentially causing a variety of medical disorders, including the one that took his daughter’s life. He believes that by protecting oneself from harmful EMFs and chemicals and by taking steps to boost the body’s defenses, such as through a balanced nutritious diet, it is possible to prevent EMF damage. The website provides knowledge and products for protection from EMFs in the environment,

RF Safe is an online resource founded by John Coates in 1998, which is dedicated to providing education and solutions to reduce exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation from wireless devices. This was long before the widespread use of cell phones, and the purpose of RF Safe was to raise awareness about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure. The inspiration for this initiative was personal for John, as his daughter passed away from a rare birth defect that had a strong similarity to the results of a 1997 study showing EMF-induced NTDs. John believes that similar exposure levels during fetal development due to high occupational EMF exposure may have caused this tragic outcome.  Luckily, women, today will never be in a two-way-microwave radio control room outside a mobile command center.

RF Safe aims to raise awareness about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure and to provide the information and technology needed to reduce exposure. RF Safe also encourages people to look for studies that the industry may have attempted to conceal and question the reasons behind such wargaming efforts as watering down scientific debate with haphazard assumptions of safety.

One of the key studies that inspired John to start RF Safe was a 1997 study conducted by J.M. Farrell, T.L. Litovitz, M. Penafiel, C.J. Montrose, P. Doinov, M. Barber, K.M. Brown, and T.A. Litovitz, which was published in Bioelectromagnetics. The study found that exposure to weak magnetic fields (approximately 1 microtesla) increased the rate of morphological abnormalities in chick embryos, specifically neural tube defects (NTDs). The study exposed over 2500 White Leghorn chick embryos to both pulsed magnetic fields (PMFs) and 60 Hz sinusoidal magnetic fields, and the results showed a statistically significant increase in the abnormality rate in MF-exposed embryos.

John recognized the potential implications of this study and other emerging research on the effects of RF/EMF radiation on human health. He founded RF Safe a quarter of a century ago this year to provide a platform for people to learn about the risks and take proactive steps to reduce their exposure. RF Safe offers a wide range of products, including many open-source manufacturing processes and cell phone radiation shielding technologies, as well as educational resources and information on how to reduce RF radiation exposure.

In 2023, Quanta X Technology LLC, owner of the RF Safe trademark, introduced a new feature to its online resource, the RF Safe Score. This innovative tool will allow consumers to easily assess the level of RF radiation emitted by their wireless devices and make informed decisions about how to reduce their exposure. The RF Safe Score is based on a comprehensive analysis of the latest research on the effects of RF radiation on human health, and it takes into account factors such as the distance between the device and the body, the duration of use, the specific type of device and age of the user. With the RF Safe Score, users will be able to compare the radiation levels of different devices and make more informed choices about which ones to use and how to use them safely. This new feature is a game changer for anyone concerned about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure, and it is just one of the many ways that RF Safe is working to promote awareness and educate consumers about the best ways to reduce exposure.

RF Safe’s mission is to provide education and solutions for reducing exposure to RF radiation and to promote awareness about the potential health risks associated with RF radiation exposure. With the ever-increasing use of wireless devices, it is more important now than ever to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to reduce exposure. RF Safe is dedicated to providing the information and technology people need to do just that.

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