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Wireless Radiation From Tablet PC Could Be Harming Kids Health Researchers Say

They are being embraced by educators as important learning tools, but some health experts are warning that tablets and smartphones can have harmful health effects, especially on young, developing children.

Dr. Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health Trust, says microwave radiation from the devices pose significant risks to children.

“The radiation from a cellphone, which is a two-way microwave radio, gets twice as deep into the head of a child as an adult,” she said.

“Those who begin to use cellphones before the age of 20 have four to eight times more brain cancer 10 years later.”

The group also warns about dangers in adults, especially women who sleep or run with their smartphones.

“We are seeing breast cancer right in the centre of the chest where young women have stored their cellphones while running,” she said.

“The World Health Organization said that radio wireless and cell phone frequencies are a possible class-2 carcinogen. That’s the same classification as lead, DDT and chloroform,” warns Dr. Davis.

CityNews reporter Adrian Ghobrial has a full report in the video above.

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