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Urgent Need to Reallocate SpaceX Funds for Research on Health Effects of Next-Gen Startlink Wireless Technologies

Commissioner Nathan Simington, Commissioner Brendan Carr

Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street SW Washington, D.C. 20554

Dear Commissioners Simington and Carr,

Subject: Urgent Need to Reallocate SpaceX Funds for Research on Health Effects of Next-Gen Startlink Wireless Technologies

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the current allocation of funds in the realm of wireless communication technologies, particularly with respect to the burgeoning field of next-gen wireless services. In light of recent legal and scientific developments, it is imperative that a significant portion of funding, such as the $900 million initially earmarked for SpaceX’s broadband services, be redirected towards comprehensive research on the potential health effects of these space-based technologies.

The landmark decision in the case of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT) vs. the FCC has highlighted a critical oversight in the FCC’s safety standards for wireless radiation. The court’s ruling found the FCC’s 2019 decision to maintain its 1996 safety limits for wireless radiation exposure as “arbitrary and capricious,” underscoring the outdated nature of these guidelines. This ruling, coupled with growing scientific evidence, demands an immediate reevaluation of our approach to the deployment of next-gen wireless technologies in space.

The current RF safety guidelines, which have not been updated for over a quarter of a century, fail to account for the unique characteristics of long-term, constant, low-level exposure to electromagnetic radiation from next-gen technologies. Studies have indicated potential risks, including non-linear dose-response relationships and frequency-dependent effects. These findings suggest that our existing frameworks may not adequately safeguard public health, particularly in the face of technologies that are rapidly evolving and increasingly pervasive.

Furthermore, the precautionary measures taken by towns such as Sheffield and Great Barrington in Massachusetts, where 5G expansion has been paused until the FCC complies with the court’s orders, reflect a growing public demand for a more thorough and updated understanding of RF safety.

In light of these concerns, I urge you to advocate for the reallocation of funds from broadband handouts to the crucial area of health effects research. This shift in focus is not just a matter of regulatory compliance but a moral imperative to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities in the face of rapidly advancing wireless technologies.

Investing in comprehensive research will provide us with the necessary insights to develop robust safety standards that are grounded in scientific evidence and responsive to the complexities of modern wireless exposure. This approach will not only align with the court’s mandates but also demonstrate the FCC’s commitment to prioritizing public health and safety over the rapid deployment of new technologies.

Thank you for considering this urgent matter. I look forward to your response and to seeing decisive action taken in this regard.


[Your Name]





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