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Massachusetts Towns Pause 5G Expansion

Postponing Starlink Next-Gen Satellite-to-Cell Services Until FCC Updates Safety Guidelines


A Call for Health and Environmental Safeguards

Massachusetts Takes a Stand: The Pause on 5G Expansion

In a decisive move, the residents of Sheffield and Great Barrington, two picturesque towns in Massachusetts, have taken a bold step in the ongoing conversation about 5G technology. They’ve voted to halt the expansion of 5G cell towers until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) completes a thorough review of the technology’s impact on health and the environment. This decision marks a significant moment in the broader discussion about technology, health, and community rights.

Why the Pause?

The pause is a response to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit’s rulings in 2019 and 2021. These rulings demand that the FCC conduct comprehensive reviews of 5G technology under the National Environmental Policy Act, especially concerning its environmental impact and the safety of RF radiation.

Community at the Forefront

What’s remarkable about Sheffield and Great Barrington’s decision is the community’s involvement. These towns are not merely waiting for federal action; they are actively engaging in the conversation and setting the terms for technological development in their area. This move underscores the power of local action in the face of large-scale technological rollouts.

The Bigger Picture

This situation in Massachusetts reflects a growing global conversation about the balance between technological advancement and health safety. As 5G technology spreads, communities worldwide are asking critical questions about its implications.

Looking Ahead

As Sheffield and Great Barrington await the FCC’s review, their decision serves as a model for other communities grappling with similar issues. It’s a reminder that in the age of rapid technological advancement, taking a step back for safety and health can be a wise and forward-thinking move.


  1. What prompted the towns of Sheffield and Great Barrington to halt 5G expansion?
    • The decision was in response to the FCC’s failure to comply with court orders demanding a review of the environmental impact and safety of 5G technology.
  2. What does this halt mean for the future of 5G in these towns?
    • The halt is temporary, pending the FCC’s completion of a thorough review of 5G’s health and environmental impacts.
  3. How does this decision impact the telecommunications companies involved?
    • Telecommunications companies must consider their applications for building wireless infrastructure in these towns as “incomplete” until the FCC updates its regulations based on the review.
  4. What are the primary concerns of the residents regarding 5G technology?
    • Residents are concerned about the potential health risks and environmental impacts of RF radiation emissions from 5G technology.
  5. Could this decision influence other communities?
    • Yes, this action might inspire other communities to take similar steps, emphasizing the importance of health and environmental safeguards in technological advancements.
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