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Fatal Fashion: Apple Issues Radiation Alert – Is Your Phone Case Putting Your Life at Risk?

Beware of Detachable Phone Accessories: The Hidden Dangers of Magnets and Metal Plates in Accessories! Including Detachable Anti-Radiation Phone Case Products! The Lethal Attraction: Strong Earth Magnets in Phone Cases: Don’t Make A Deadly Detachable Phone Case Mistake! Many phone cases on the market today feature strong earth magnets, which can increase the amount of […]

Magnetic Fields Appear To Affect Learning

U.K.’s National Radiological Board Finds Magnetic Fields Appear To Affect Learning In Animals Scientific American Journalists: Tim Beardsley December 11, 1997 Scientists at the U.K.’s National Radiological Board have found that magnetic fields do indeed appear to affect learning in animals, as first stated by a U.S. researcher. In four separate tests involving exposure of […]

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