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Apple Wants YOU to Burn! Apple iPhone SAR Levels Make No Improvement

Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, there’s always the question of whether or not the most valued corporation on earth will ever make an effort to lower radiation exposure bombarding iPhone users. It’s a well-known fact Simultaneous Transmission radiation exposure levels from last year’s iPhone 6 Plus are only .01 under the FCC’s legal […]

iPhone SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Ratings

iPhones   Apple Iphone 3G North America   Frequency Band IC 1g SAR Limit (W/kg) Body Ear GSM 850 1.6 1.030 0.521 GSM 1900 1.6 0.522 1.290 UMTS II 11.66 0.402 1.388 UMTS V 1.6 0.733 0.733 Wi-Fi 1.6 0.088 0.779   Apple Iphone 3G Europe   Frequency Band IC 10g SAR Limit (W/kg) Europe […]

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