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Cell Phone Radiation Warning Is One Step Closer To Law in Berkeley, CA

UPDATE: Cell phone Radiation Right-To-Know Ordinance Unanimously Passes In Berkeley CA May 13, 2015 Office of Councilmember Max Anderson, District 3 CONSENT CALENDAR October 28, 2014 To: Honorable Mayor and Members of City Council From: Councilmember Max Anderson, Councilmember Kriss Worthington Subject: City Manager Referral: Cell phone ordinance referral to City Manager RECOMMENDATION: Refer to […]


Berkeley CA Ready For Legal Fight Over Cell Phone Warning Label Law

On Oct. 28, 2014 the Berkeley City Council will consider legislation that could make it the first U.S. city to require retailers to warn consumers that radiation from cell phones may be hazardous to their health. Mounting evidence suggests that cell phone use could increase the risk of brain tumors, breast cancer, and male infertility. […]

Telstra reminder msg text mobile phone radiation safety tips

Telstra Australia’s largest mobile phone company sends customers text message warning of phone radiation dangers

Australia’s largest telco texted its customers about 5.30pm on July 3rd 2014 with a “reminder msg” recommending they visit the Telstra website for information on “electromagnetic energy and tips to reduce exposure”. Telstra spokesman Steven Carey said the company proactively communicated an electromagnetic energy mobile safety message to all its mobile customers. “These messages are […]

British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings

British Scientists Demand Cell Phone Warnings Reuters, January 12, 1998 Journalist: Kirstin Ridley LONDON – British scientists are demanding that mobile telephones, an indispensable tool for millions, carry a health warning. Amid an explosive growth of mobile communications, concerns are mounting about cellular telephones’ potential links to health problems ranging from headaches to brain tumors. […]

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